Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our tribes are downright delightful. California was a noteworthy time of hanging with family, meeting cousins and friends and savoring each moment. 

We went from the airport for an evening at Manhattan Beach.

IMG 3145

IMG 3151

Jon loves the ocean and holds it as one of his favorite memories from living in California.

IMG 3160

Chasing fat seagulls

IMG 3187

After the ice was broken with cousins, the girls hung together in the ocean, all holding on to a piece of kelp and yelling things like, “We’ve got to stick together!”

IMG 3190

IMG 3157

And I didn’t pull out my camera again the rest of the weekend (bummer) before we drove onto Arizona. Thank you, dear Tom and Jody for hosting! 


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

California Here We Come

 (Written on Friday morning) Sitting in a quiet, small airport, before the rush of the day flights, we’re reminded why we love small airports, quick lines and free wifi.

This is our big hurrah out west, California, Arizona and Mexico.

Some days, we imagine what it would look like to bring our two lives together and it has our whole family laughing. Looking at pictures has been a very grounding thing for us as we remember both worlds and we realize just like we miss our USA tribe, we miss people and places in Ethiopia.


Early morning on the mountain overlooking our house.

(Photo credit Darren

IMG 9497

Neighbors in a nearby town

IMG 9517

English classes during 5 F’s coffee time.

IMG 9518

More during English 

IMG 5564

Hanging out with the “pasture kids” 
IMG 9940
Missing our teammates, Mark and Debbie
IMG 9949
Talk to you again from the Southwest. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015


 After 1.5 days at home base, we have our bags packed (almost) and are ready (not quite) to hit the air and road to visit people we love in Arizona, California and Mexico. 

I feel so behind on sharing memories because summertime in the midwest is incredible, especially when surrounded with the family and friends that we have. 

IMG 2993

Getting pulled around the yard with Aunt Pat

IMG 3006

Hanging with cousins while playing with Uncle Dan and Aunt Debbie’s puppies.

IMG 3021

There aren’t too many things cuter than a room full of kids and puppies!

IMG 3020


IMG 3033Or than day old calves

IMG 3046

A played it cool hanging out in the Gator

IMG 3051

Pie making

IMG 3056

And then the pony rides with Grandpa and Grandma. My memories of the farm with my grandparents and family delighted The Littles.

IMG 3071

Pony cart 

IMG 3100

Never mind our wind blown hair. :) 

IMG 3131

IMG 3079

 Each family has its own culture and this side of my family is a storying culture, where life, discipleship, love and lots of laughter are gifted through stories.

Before I was born, my dad died. This could have been the end of the story with this amazing family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Because of God’s grace and love in the hearts of all involved, including my adoptive father, that event is part of my story that makes us so much richer.  

When life happens, the good and the bad, I think about as an addition to our individual stories. The plot twist, joy and the ache make it real and messy but God, the author, delights in making things beautiful.  We love and are loved by beautiful, broken and redeemed people.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"I'm Going To Remember This Day For the Rest of My Life"

After spending time chatting with grandpa, in which he informed The Littles and Cousin P about the wonders of a fair, 

IMG 2376

as we drove to the magical county fair, Little A proclaimed, “I am going to remember this day for the rest of my life.”

IMG 2454

I don’t think her high expectations were disappointed

IMG 2508

It’s how I feel about this whole summer, so much magic for our family. Like everything is coated in glitter and rainbow covered.

IMG 2501

J and A are showing how they have morphed into TCKs (Third Culture Kids) as they bravely take on a world of new.

IMG 2563

Though they can’t keep track of where we are going next, they’re enjoying the ride.

IMG 2577

We’ve been blessed with precious time with family.

IMG 2653

C teaching his cousins about cotton candy. 

IMG 2639

Summer 2015 has been epic for our family. 


Not one any of us will quickly forget. :) More to come soon, I’m finally on a roll. 



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When McDonalds Went Down

McDonalds drive-thru line wrapped around the building. Because we were rushing to get somewhere, we made a decision that I should run in so we didn’t have to wait. Upon entering, the tables were empty but the order area was packed. The computers had gone down and all orders were being handwritten, added with a calculator and paid for in cash. Phones weren’t in peoples’ hands because when we entered, there was no expectation that we would be waiting. 

A fast food line is usually the last place were good conversation springs up, but in that moment, with everyone surprised and marveling about this handwritten system, people started talking. Striking up conversation, soon, a small group of comrades was born, chatting about life experiences, even getting to religion. When my order was filled, I knew our order was for take-out, but feel I could have sat down and eaten a meal with any of the people with whom I had waited. Maybe that’s a sign of oversharing and forging relationships too quickly and assuming friendship weirdly fast. Or maybe, that is just what happens when humans come together, without devices, without a rushed schedule and decide to enjoy who God has put in front of them. 

I miss the greetings of the Awi and the smiles and conversation in a highly relational culture, even to strangers. We’ve repeatedly heard friends this summer vocalize their frustration of the busyness of family schedule and American life. There are so many wonderful things to be involved with here, we can rush from one event to the next and have zero margin for the unexpected.

When I came back to the van 20 minutes later, Jon smiled and said, “Wow, that took awhile.” I laughed and responded, “It is the most amazing McDonalds ever. Everyone just had time.” 


A few unrelated shots…

IMG 2126

HURRAY! Grandpa is done with chemo!

IMG 2076

Right before we got a trim. Umm, two very unhappy girls this morning. If you see them, please make no comments on how “puffy” it is. 

IMG 2152

So much fun to be with cousins!

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Into August, summer is flying and we are squeezing out the moments.

Comparing our worlds isn’t something that I often think about as they are so far apart, different in almost everyday, but sometimes a photo pops up on my computer, one beside the other and I smile. 

IMG 9080

Seedling party in Injibara

IMG 6709

 Pool party in the Midwest. 

My heart squeezes with love for both places.