Friday, September 23, 2016

Hey.  We are here, in the USA and we are doing…well…we are doing. I want to say amazing and in many points, it’s true. Our family is enjoying this season of homeschool, Jon working for SIM USA, loving on Tiger baby, visiting family, spontaneous trip to reconnect with friends going back to Ethiopia, it’s been a sweet time but also a transitioning time where we are floundering a bit.  For those of you who didn’t get a newsletter, through our team leader’s and director’s counsel, we are staying in the USA.  Ethiopia has had significant political tension and are northern teammates are currently displaced in Addis Ababa. Jon and I knew we had to return to deliver French Fry, but we were all hoping for a few months in ET. 

Once again, this does change our plans and our hearts are full of desire to see our Awi community but we know the miles do not limit the effectiveness of prayers. God is orchestrating the situation and we pray our hearts can be faith-filled. We are loving the extra time with family, friends and church family.  I don’t know how I feel actually, so many conflicting emotions.

IMG 2887


IMG 2930

Learning to roller blade

IMG 3052

Tiger meets a friend (or maybe just parents who tell them they will be friends).

IMG 2879

Little Tiger and Uncle Jay

IMG 2878

The girls have become quite the event planners. They planned a series of “dates for any willing couple. 

IMG 3027

IMG 2933

Riding with Grandpa

IMG 3015

Ah!  Every time I see this picture, it makes me want to scream at how cute Tiger is!

IMG 3064

A beach in Wisconsin on a September day. We are praying for the Floreks as they moved back to Ethiopia, yesterday, after a year in the USA.


Thanks for your love and support. We feel it and are so thankful for each of you.