Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do You Know That Feeling?

You know, the one where there are hundreds of vacation pictures, each one holding a special moment and so it is so hard to whittle it down?

That’s what I’m experiencing, so it’s broken into two posts. Make sure you check the next one down if you want to check out more lake adventures.  

Knochel's Day 1 111

Knochel's day 2 085

Knochel's day 2 093

Knochel's Day 3 405

Knochel's Day 3 375

Knochel's day 2 091 Knochel's day 2 107

Knochel's day 2 160

Knochel's Day 3 107

Knochel's Day 3 416

Knochel's day 2 168 knochels day 4-6 168

Knochel's Day 3 008

Knochel's Day 3 206 Knochel's Day 3 275

Knochel's Day 3 352

Knochel's Day 3 229

Knochel's Day 3 287 

knochels day 4-6 037

Continue below for behind-the-boat fun!

Water Exploits

When the kiddos weren’t behind the boat, the adults had their diversion.

Knochel's Day 3 037

Jon slalom skiing

Knochel's Day 3 141

Meika launching on a wakeboard

Knochel's Day 3 024

Jake  slalom skiing

Knochel's Day 3 345

Phil wakeboarding

knochels day 4-6 114

Amy surfing Michigan

Knochel's Day 3 231

Justin ready to surf

Knochel's day 2 059

Jon barefooting (basically like skiing, only with no skis)

Knochel's Day 3 367

  Jon wakeboarding

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Team Tube

We went on a long tubing adventure. Following is the game of musical tubes we played as kids varied in their degree of enjoyment.

Knochel's Day 3 304

Brave Little A started us out…

Knochel's Day 3 312

Followed by Leo and Charlie

Knochel's Day 3 318

Little J decided to try the tube with Little A and Mama

Knochel's Day 3 323

Hudson and Paige joined in the party when Little J was done

Knochel's Day 3 327

Girls on the tube! Little J couldn’t resist all the girls on one tube

Knochel's Day 3 332

Charlie and Meika wrapped up the tubing tour. :)

Feeling blessed to be with family on a wonderful vacation!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Type A About Ice Cream Cones

I don’t consider myself a Type A personality but there are exceptions. One example sure to bring it on is toddlers eating ice cream (clothed toddlers that is, diapered babies can mess all they want).  Every muscle tightens as I resist the urge to unclench their little, sticky fingers from the drippy mess.

Knochel's day 2 188 

Good thing The Littles have a daddio who is more relaxed about pink messes on white dresses.

Knochel's day 2 213 

“Who likes ice cream?”

Knochel's day 2 208

Knochel's day 2 192

Here’s to taking a deep breath and just enjoying the messy moments. Someday I will miss those sticky fingers.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wiggly Worms

For most of their lives, I would have called Little A my daredevil. Over the past few months, she is going through a fearful phase, the littlest things make her shriek in fright. Our sweet (but slightly psychotic kitty) puts her into a tearful tizzy.

Last night, Daddio and The Littles ventured back from their secret garden path with a worm.

Little A had something to show me.

Wiggly worms 047

She had cried initially but as daddio praised her, she became very brave. Jon told her the story about her first encounter with an earthworm.

To read the full post, click here.

Yes, she took a bite of the worm.

4-25 072[4] 4-25 071[5]

She giggled as she heard the story and then reenacted it for us.

Wiggly worms 060

Little J’s reactions were similar even as time as passed.

Wiggly worms 055

4-25 075[4]

All was well with the worm as Little A inspected each speck of the worm and then…it broke in two.

Wiggly worms 056

The camera was put away to calm the disgusted and grieving child. I showed her how the worm was now two worms and decided that was enough worm excitement for one day. The Littles decided they just wanted gummy kind from Aunt Susie. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Pressure’s On!

Remember my checklist of domestic skills I need to learn before I leave for Ethiopia? At the top was learning to pressure can.  Injibara is at an elevation of 8,500 and meats and beans have to be pressure canned/cooked. Without understanding the science behind it, a bean cannot be soaked/boiled long enough to ever be soft through conventional boiling. 

We will also have limited access to produce so when something is available we have the option of pressure canning for later enjoyment.

Growing up with “warm water bath canning”, I was intimidated of pressure canning as I pictured glass exploding all over the kitchen if I missed one detail. 

Yesterday, Mandy graciously invited me over to learn the process of spaghetti sauce and Carrie stopped by to help as well.

 canning 056 canning 057

“I garden, therefore, I can.” –Carrie (via Nichole S).

canning 059

Because we had extra tomatoes we also did some juice (we didn’t strain the seeds out so we had added authenticity ;) ).

Mandy and Carrie, thanks so much for patiently teaching me and the wonderful conversation!