Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Littles In Real Life

Yes, we are back. :)  We had a blast.  The Littles are going to have a bit of an adjustment back to boring, old Mom (who doesn’t sneak them suckers or ice-cream) and life without frequent “dipping”. :)

A few pictures to wrap up our vaca…

Lake James 108

Lake James 119

 Lake James 176 Lake James 2011 705

 Lake James 2011 146

Lake James 2011 Part 2 323

Lake James 2011 Part 2 213   Lake James 2011 642

Lake James 2011 137

Lake James 2011 Part 2 182

Lake James 2011 092 

Thanks so much Grandma (Mimi) we had a great time!!!

Lake James 2011 Part 2 019

Lake James 2011 719

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little J-The Sea Otter

Almost can't get this child out of the water.
The Littles call all swimming a "dip".  I hear the word "dip" about 50 times a day. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's been a little quiet on our end lately, we have been a little busy, slathering on the sunblock, swimming and then, reapplying sunblock. :)

Super thankful we have an ac unit!  If we aren't in the water, it's a little roasty. :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ethiopia underestimating impact of drought

When I was a child, I remember seeing pictures of the drought in Ethiopia and praying for the gaunt images that my little mind couldn't quite comprehend. There is once again, a drought in the horn of Africa and it is affecting many. For more information, read here:
Ethiopia underestimating impact of drought


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


New situations are hard for The Littles.  Not every time, but most.  New relationships are not often welcomed by them and to get into their VERY small inner-circle, someone has to be around a lot and try, try and try again to befriend them.

Jon and I are both social people and would love The Littles to be the kind of kids who freely give away squeezes and smiles.  It is coming.  We praise God that He has brought strong attachment between our little family.  Now, I pray daily for their security.  We pray they can be secure with safe people, not panicking if a new friend interacts to them.  God is answering prayers.

We went to the zoo with some new friends and I praised God at the growth I saw in The Littles.

And each time they reach up and let someone take their hand, or give someone a high-five, fist bump, or just let someone else into their world…

Zoo & Watermelon 078

Zoo & Watermelon 101 Zoo & Watermelon 111

my heart rejoices.

Will you pray for J&A? Please pray that God would grow a deep security in their hearts.  That they would have no fear that Jon and I would abandon them and that we could have wisdom in parenting.  I am lacking. (James 1:5)


P.S. I have heard reports that commenting is very difficult, if you are having trouble with the comment section, try posting as anonymous.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wally World

As previously mentioned, Jon’s family knows how to celebrate July 4th! It is a few day extravaganza with much love, laughter and delicious food. I don’t have the pictures to do it justice. 

 Wally World 358

Wally World 371

The G family is definitely in the stage with lots of little kids, cousins everywhere!

Wally World 367

Wally World 362

Aunt Kris partied with us.

Wally World 385

Chasing frogs …

Wally World 396

Wally World 406

Hudson and Paige

Wally World 448

Wally himself starting the bbq. YUM.

Wally World 466

Wally World 486

Wally World 439

I watched my Littles experience it, enjoy time with family and be taken in with the magic of summer  My thoughts and prayers are in Sudan and the Darfur often as the atrocity and genocide increase because of the upcoming secession on July 9th. Then I watch my babies and I want to weep with thankfulness at the opportunities and security I have had, never having a war on my soil.  While I still wouldn’t consider myself overly patriotic, I praise God for what we have been given and the blessings we have received. My hunger grows for a nation who turns from our wicked ways and worship the God who created all things.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Like Nobody’s Business

We just spent the past few days with our “G” family, who, by the way, celebrate the fourth like nobody’s business. 

There is lots of preciousness to post but it is going to have to wait. We are running a bit behind.  You see, it was a wonderful weekend, but it included a breakdown on the interstate, a tow, 4 days of our van sitting at a dealership, bumming rides off of family, extra night spent in Michigan, $683 fuel pump and then repeat. Yep, same breakdown on the way home.  Another tow, more bumming rides, another dealership.  Apparently fixing the fuel pump wasn’t the problem? Hopefully not $683 more dollars?

The upside to all the vehicle breakdown?  Wonderful family and new friends who took us in out of the 96 degree heat! (Thanks Richard and Julia)!

Plus four days of firecrackin’ fun. :) One picture to whet your appetite.

Wally World 426 

The Littles with cousin Paige.

More to come. :)