Thursday, September 29, 2011

What’s Worse Than Not Winning?

There is a fair in our town this week and there is a fun little game called the “Mouse Game”.  Basically, the rules are simple, you put a quarter down on a number. There is a spinner in the center with numbered holes around the edge.  A mouse is released on the spinner and it runs into a hole.  If it runs into your number, you are a winner.

Q: What is worse than not winning at the mouse game?

A: Winning once when you have twin toddlers.

Fair 155

Yes, fiasco.  Little A picked a lucky number and a subsequent prize. Little J was desperate for her own pink Care Bear.  We tried a few more times and then told Little J it was the last quarter and asked her to pick a number.  She slapped a quarter down on #58 and confidently said, “that!”. The mouse came out of the box and ran to #7 but stopped short of the hole and ran about half way around the spinner and then stopped and looked like he was thinking.  Little J was clapping and saying “mouse” and that little thing ran right into #58!

Whew. Big sigh of relief. 

I know this was a great opportunity to teach them that life isn’t always fair, but that little mouse sure made my life easier! 

Random September 042 

Let’s hear it for the fair!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


(Alison, check out the last post, because you won!)

She’s been driving me crazy these past few days.  Little J has wanted independence in public settings, but as soon as I put her down, she cries and sits or insists I pick her up again.  This morning, we were rushing around to get to BSF and we had such a fiasco trying to put her shoes on. She screamed bloody murder and said, “tight.”  I yelled back at her, told her they weren’t tight and she needed to stop screaming. We were late to BSF so we could have some snuggle time and recoop but we were both feeling as gloomy as the weather.

After nap, Little J and I had some good cuddle time on the couch, just what we needed. I was tickling her and then noticed her patterned sock was really dirty. I went to pull it off and it stuck. Dried blood all over her foot. Gulp. Poor child, has a very nasty blister on her heel, deep, oozy and big.

Random September 018

Oh, I see…don’t know why I didn’t connect those dots earlier. So that explains the demand to be held, the screaming when I try to put on her shoe, the sitting down in a middle of a parking lot. I feel about an inch tall. I feel so bad but glad I learned an important lesson about taking the time to understand my kids. 

Winners and WOW, Your Ideas!

Wow!  I loved reading your ideas about how to use your talents to raise money for a cause! You got my mind spinning and many of you expressed that you don’t feel crafty either.  Read the following ideas and be inspired that you can still be creative about raising money for a cause!

“I love to cook. SO, I made a menu with 15 soups, main dishes and desserts on it and people e-mail me their order, I will make it and deliver it to them! The food will be delivered freezer ready so they don't have to eat it right away. I've gotten a great response so far!” -Mindy

“I've considered doing children's photography with all proceeds going toward an adoption, I've used the funds for that before for a specific adoption...but I've never channeled all of it all the time for children's shoots.” –Andria

“I did lots of sewing when we were raising money for our adoption. Mostly items related to cloth diapering.” –Christa

“I've thought it would be fun to host a Christmas party, and instead of doing a grab where everyone has to buy gifts, everyone could bring $ for a cause and the evening could be spent eating and playing games. :)” –Christen

“…But I love to talk, I am passionate about children, and I love the things the Lord loves. So I figure I could do some word of mouth advertising for people who are doing super crafty, sewing, cooking kind of projects. Also, I love to help. So any of the commenters who needs help with their projects, no job is too small or too big, I would love to walk along side of them.” –Suzy

“I've always thought it would be fun to do Casseroles for a Cause or something similar, kind of like a previous commenter. Profits would go towards a charity.” –Mandy

“I do love to cook and bake. I could always do a bake sale!” –Joy

“…What I do well is listen (counselor by trade) and talk (a by product of having to listen all the time). So, for our daughter's care center, we talked a lot to our friends, family, and coworkers about the orphan situation around the world. And, we ask them to prayerfully consider making a donation of supplies, clothes, baby items, even cash (and we will shop for them)” –Sheila

“I love art and creating art. I think it would be fun to do custom paintings/mixed media art for people in exchange for donations.” –Ashton

“I randomly started making hair accessories when my daughter was little and then it turned into a business/ministry and I love it!” –Tricia (MouseyMom from Frills and Flowers)

“I made brooches a couple years ago and still sell some here-and-there” –Sarah

“…I can sew very simple things...Like with straight lines that don't have to be very straight (lol)...” –Jessica F.

“I love to organize so I was thinking more like a garage sale.” Ashley B.

“Last Christmas we did a mall scavenger hunt with our Sunday School class. The last thing on the list was to buy gifts for children who would not be receiving gifts for Christmas from their families.” –Meika

“I enjoy making pacifier clips, brooches, hair clips for girls, and burp cloths.” –Jessica (T)

“I thought I could make meals for people to purchase and then donate the money. I work with people that would gladly buy meals to take home.” –Teresa

“I do have a few hobbies that I love doing. Though I have no learned experience, I love photographing our girls. And, I love decorating, especially with antiques!” -Lorelei

Congratulations to our winners! 

Sarah F.



You can go to Vanessa’s site contact Vanessa directly to place your order and give her your address at

Thanks so much one27   for sponsoring this giveaway!

Friday, September 23, 2011

See You Later, Grandpa

Here for the giveaway? Click here.

My Grandpa inhaled for the very last time, Friday morning, 2:45 am. I am thankful for my Grandpa as he is now in a place far too wonderful to imagine, heaven, a place full of God and free of evil. I hurt for my Grandma, her partner of 55 years has moved on without her.

When I think about my grandpa, I get this picture of him in my head. I think it started when I would come home from college and I would see him. Upon seeing me, he would get a smile on his face and clap his hands together once and then rub them together until we hugged.


My Grandparents have lived an example of serving those around them and I am so thankful to be a part of their legacy.

Now, there is a weekend of visitation and funeral…so final.  I don’t really like goodbyes. I prefer a good “See you later!”. So Grandpa, while I will miss you here, “See you later, at our Jesus’ feet”.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

OneTwentyseven GIVEAWAY!

Whew, sorry about the day delay.  Naptimes didn’t go so well. The Littles are in a new stage this week.  The uncooperative stage.  Oh boy. :) On to happier news, it is time for that giveaway!

This giveaway is so exciting as a young mom, Vanessa from Lynn David handbags, has decided to use her crafty talents to raise money for orphans as 100% of her sales will go to Ziway, Ethiopia, to fund a Lifesong school project.


(Click on blue bar to go to etsy site)

Here The Littles model a sample of what she makes.

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 065

I have been trying to catch a perfect shot of The Littles with their sweet pom-poms, but, as aforementioned, UNCOOPERATIVE. Above is an imperfect picture. :)

green fuschia2

So cute, huh?  Would you like to win one of your choice?

color swatch

(Color samples)

Now, start your own brainstorming.  Vanessa’s initiative has made me look at what I could be doing in my own life to raise money for a cause.  Now, I am not a crafty person (and it grieves me greatly.:)) but that doesn’t mean I am off the hook! 

One will be given away for every 15 comments!

You can enter the giveaway up to four times

(Separate comment for each entry)

1) Leave a comment

2)  Do you have a skill you could use to raise money for a cause? Comment and tell us your idea.  (This does NOT need to be something you are already doing or even have plans of starting, we are just brainstorming. :))

3) Facebook about the giveaway and comment

4) Blog about the giveaway and comment

Giveaway ends Tuesday at 9:00 pm

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ooh, ooh, ooh!

If naptimes go well, tomorrow we have a giveaway to announce! :)

Park 024

See you after naps!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rock Climbing

These pictures are leftovers from our Labor Day excursion.  The Littles were delighted to find two large rocks and I am sure when you are under 3 feet, these seemed like a mountain. :)

Pokagon 212 

Pokagon 237

Pokagon 243 Pokagon 230

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

His Business

God and I have talked a lot in 2011.  He is refining me, chastising me, teaching me.  I feel like a broken record, “but God, this just doesn’t make sense!”.

But then He reminds me.  He isn’t in the business of making sense. 

He is in the business of bringing glory to His name. 

He is in the business of making His children holy.

I surrender, once again.


P.S. In more unrelated news, check out this thought provoking article. “Are We Guilty of Slumdog Tourism?”.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

They’ll Do Birthday Parties

Looking for entertainment at your next big social event? Well, look no further, thanks to our garage sale gem!  Yes, a keyboard complete with microphone that amplifies.  It’s no end of VERY LOUD fun at our house. 


The Littles are convinced that the only way to use the microphone is to nearly swallow it.

Park 040 

They can even do street performances (after Mama couldn’t handle the noise in the house). Little A on keyboard, Little J on vocals. 

P.S. In unrelated but very exciting news, we went to BSF today and the girls had their first experience in the children’s department.  They cried for ten minutes, but then calmed down and had a par-tay! They hardly wanted to leave their teachers.  Praise the Lord with me for this growth!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Pumpkin Elves

While digging through clothes last week, assessing how many winter clothes The Littles have, I ran across two pumpkin costumes from Maya and Sofia (a set of twins that graciously share their hand-me-downs).  Last year The Littles were too small for these, so I stowed them away for this year.  Sadly enough, this year, they are too big for the costumes.

  However, after Little J tried on one, Little A had to have one too and even though I couldn’t get the snaps together, they insisted on wearing them ALL morning long.  Even though they were sweating and we played outside.

arbor 299 arbor 300

(Watching “Mickey Mouse”)

The Littles were finally talked out of the pumpkins at lunch time because of my pleas of not wanting to get the pumpkins dirty.

In going through picture archives, The Littles are accessorizing themselves often now.  Here are a few examples:

Laundry Day 145

Little A, sitting on the potty, with her monkey backpack and shorts on her head.

Pokagon 035 Pokagon 049

Zipping around in their old bath towels, transformed into a monkey and bear cape.  (Which, greatly increases their speed, when they have something on their heads, they zoom around and around a small loop in our house).

Pokagon 043

With slight pauses in the action for kisses.

Maybe it is time we get some dress up clothes at our house? ;)

Never Miss A Chance To Play Peek-a-boo

The Littles teach me a lot.  Some lessons I’d rather not learn, like how quickly my patience wears thin or that I should always bring a change of clothes because a diaper blowout might be in the day’s forecast.

Other lessons are more refreshing;

Pokagon 021 Pokagon 016

 Pokagon 020 Pokagon 013

They have taught me that every day is fresh and full of opportunity for giggles and adventure.:)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Great Outdoors

On Labor Day, we had no plans, so we enjoyed a day at the nearby state park. 

Pokagon 133 Pokagon 127

We put the headbands in after a few encounters with people resulted in The Littles being addressed as boys.  Apparently, until hair can drop down over the ears, boys are a safe assumption. :)

 Pokagon 159

Pokagon 137 Pokagon 164

 Pokagon 251

Little A.  I know, you were probably tricked, assuming the she would be wearing the pink headband. Grr.  Little J refuses to be conformed to my system!  :) I didn’t know it was possible for a 22 month old to have such a color preference!

Pokagon 269

About as good as a self-timed photo shoot can get with toddlers.

Pokagon 273

The Littles, mesmerized by the water.

Pokagon 301

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Here Comes The Bride

Chad and Christen’s wedding was everything a wedding should be, complete with beautiful bride, smitten groom, abundant love, supportive family, wonderful food, etc, etc... However, it was a complete blessing that the focus of the whole day was Jesus Christ.  Seriously, God is going to do big things through this union!

(Jon was the photographer!)

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 604 

Chad and Christen

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 587

Two of my “little” brothers.

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 673

The Littles and Uncle Chad

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 590 

The Littles greet “Aunt Leigh”

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 623 

Mom and Dad

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 627 

The Littles couldn’t resist the fun park, even though they were wearing white.

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 648 

Kris, Mom and I. (We are missing Christen, but she was a little busy being the bride)

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 643

The Littles play with Uncle Jay and Uncle Jeff

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 655

Smith models his genius corsage.  Reminds me of his daddy’s family, always designing something cutting edge. :)

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 657 

Chad and Christen with the parents.

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 659

Tragically, our only picture from the weekend with all four of us. :(

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 681

Uncle Chad shares some love

Chad and Christen, so stinkin’ excited for you!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

This Magical Moment

The air has been heavy around me lately.  We have been doing lots of thinking and praying about some stuff in our life and I have really been praying through decision making, specifically how the decisions of Jon and I affect The Littles. As I worked on lunch, Little J came over, gave my leg one of her signature squeezes, looked up at me and then said, “I love you” before toddling away. 

MELT MY HEART.  Our first unsolicited “I love you”…

8-3 587

Baby girl, I love you more than I can express and we thank God for you every day. We pray God gives you a deep, abiding love for Him and a magnificent obsession with Jesus Christ.