Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

While we didn't really have twelve days, we have been non-stop Christmassing.

The Littles were in their first Christmas program, I also love to watch the little groups, the front row was kind of a comedy routine.

Ready for church...
Christmas with the my family...
And then moving on to Christmas festivities with the K family...
The Littles and their beloved Mimi
Christmas continued with the F family where we celebrated with our pajama party tradition
Our family headed north to spend a few days with the our G family...

And onto the PEG Christmas
We headed to another extended family Christmas at a hotel.  Such fun for all!
This photo does NOT capture the fun the kids were having together. ;)  They look kind of miserable.

And then...we're off...driving through the night...

To  be continued...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catching Her Reflection

Little A catches her reflection in an unlikely spot and Little J joins. Cracks me up, every time!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Night In Mexico

Once The Littles relaxed enough to fully discover how fun it was to be surrounded by kids of all ages, it was of course our last night in Mexico.  We soaked up every bit of it.  As two worlds collided, life then and life now, I was so thankful we were on a crazy, whirlwind trip with three-year olds.

Super Southwest 704

Taking their job as dish dryers very seriously with Tania and Julisa.

Super Southwest 702

The series of beautiful young ladies and cheesy toddlers…

Super Southwest 691

Super Southwest 711

Super Southwest 737

Two sets of identical twins!  Pau and Geo, hope my girlies can be as amazing as you someday!

Super Southwest 733

Playing with sweet Gloria

And in a climatic, much anticipated moment, where it was least expected,  Little A finally pooped in the potty! Jon teared up.  Really, that big of deal.

Super Southwest 612

Todd and Seth, thanks for your relaxing environment!

Super Southwest 746

Which called for a potty party!  Seriously. A BIG deal.

Pray with us for the work God is doing, healing hearts in Magdalena. Pray for the staff as they minister, tirelessly and continually. God is changing lives in miraculous ways.

Friday, December 14, 2012

If A Picture Can Express 1,000 Words…

Here’s what The Littles thought of Mexico.

Super Southwest 664

Yay Mexico!

Super Southwest 532

Super Southwest 570

Jodi and her kiddos hosted us and were gracious in their hospitality.

Super Southwest 586

Connecting with Yaneli over tacos and churros and hotdogs and elotes. :)

 Super Southwest 600 

Seth and Todd during the variety show, entertaining us with thoughts of matrimonio.

 Super Southwest 617

Jodi, you’ve got some precious kids.

Super Southwest 621

Making new friends…

 Super Southwest 625

Super Southwest 636

Playing with big dogs who The Littles mistaked for coyotes.

 Super Southwest 645

Tomorrow we will post the end of our Mexico pictures. 

I also plan to dialogue a bit more about what we are learning about saying healthy goodbyes as their has been some interest expressed.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

South of the Border

This trip, we intentionally worked with The Littles on saying healthy goodbyes. As we prepare to leave for Ethiopia, we research materials on how to say goodbye in a way to help your kiddos grieve and transition.  Reading through some of this literature, I realized how poor I am at saying a healthy goodbye. I would rather sneak out in the night to avoid the farewell but we are learning, to move on, we have to walk right through the pain.

In so many ways, God has shown me the importance of this and I am convicted of how poorly I handled my goodbyes with my Mexican family 5 years ago when I moved back to the Midwest to marry Jon. I couldn’t process my painful emotions and so I stuffed them and focused on my new life with little regard for who I had left.

This time, returning to Mexico and driving the winding roads through towns, my heart swelled and I told Jon, “do you think that Ethiopia will ever stir this feeling of homecoming in me like Mexico does?”

I don’t honestly know the answer, but I pray it does and God knits the country and people and scenery as tightly to our hearts.

God used our time in Magdalena to be encouraging, connecting, refreshing and unexpectedly, healing

Day 1

Super Southwest 425

Super Southwest 429

 Super Southwest 431

 Super Southwest 442

 Super Southwest 455

Super Southwest 474

Super Southwest 496 Super Southwest 500

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Super Southwest

We are back in the Midwest!  I’ll tackle the rest of our journey in chunks. :)

Arizona did not disappoint!

Super Southwest 215

Super Southwest 228


Super Southwest 261 Super Southwest 263

Angry birds

Super Southwest 333

Busy daddy’s pre-pajamas

Super Southwest 774

Mexican princesses

Super Southwest 795

Lifelong friends.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

On The Road Again...

About the time The Littles really hit their stride in a new house, we are leaving! Today I explained to the girls, "we have to say goodbye to good things and nice people so we can say hello to other good things."  Hmm...Maybe this is future training?

Our stay in Arizona did not disappoint.  More family graciously hosted us and we were so blessed to connect and even have time for some rest and relaxation!

Herbie and Laurie, thanks for your gracious hosting!

Portia and Coty came over to play!

Early morning jumps on the trampoline.

Even warm enough to take a dip!