Friday, May 29, 2015

Without Words

I thought my blog silence was our internet situation, I can say that no longer as we have had it for four days (we’re in Addis) and the realization dawned that I’m not sure what to say. 

In transition mode and my whole world is colored through the lens of change and living life with the ups and downs in high definition. Basically, I don’t trust myself not to get all over the top on ya’ll.  This whole post is to let you know that we are alive and well, so thankful for each one of you!

 We had a recent visitor who took some beautiful photos in our area, here’s a start.

Darren, thanks for the amazing photos!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Perspective on My Problems

Tomorrow, back to the North! 

When we left, we were experiencing little power, phone, internet and even had our first ever water problems.

I was talking with Zelalem, a father of six who lives across the pasture. He made reference to our lack of power and said, “Wow, it’s been difficult and now you have no water.” I was personally in a funky mood because it was feeling difficult and we crossed the threshold of losing all contents of our refrigerator, rapidly moving towards losing everything in our freezer. I smiled and said, “Yeah, but Zelalem, every day, you have no water in your house, you never have power, so I can’t tell you it’s difficult.” He smiled, “Oh, but you are a foreigner and for you it is hard.” I laughed and replied, "but let’s look at our problems together, I have never had to haul water like your wife does." With a big grin, he responded, “Okay, when we look at our problems, mine are bigger."

IMG 9440

Can you lift these things up in prayer with us?

-Countrywide elections on May 24th.

-Safe, uneventful trips over the coming days (flights, vehicles)

-Visas and work permits!  We are in need of a renewal and multiple factors complicate this, hoping that all would smoothly be concluded by our departure date!

-Good attitudes, regardless of conveniences (but I am really hoping for power!) ;)


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Here and There

Little J’s head hung in defeat at seeing what happened to the temporary goat on our property. Good thing that “My-Best-Goat-Friend” developed the nasty habit of peeing on the girls, therefore making his butchering more bearable. 

IMG 8763

One of the girls was remembered saying, “Isn’t it Easter yet? Can someone just eat that smelly goat?!?"

IMG 8778

Waiting for coffee and lunch at a friend’s house. 

IMG 8796

It’s so fun to see how friends have settled into their new home. 

IMG 8803

And here, at our first Ethiopian wedding, such a great experience! We obviously blend in. 

IMG 8820

After the stomachs were stuffed and rounds of coffee had been drunk, someone walked in with four sodas for our family. Little J double-fisted it and alternated Sprite and Coke until the end. 

IMG 4838

Baby sheep born in the pasture. Why are little things so cute!?!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Weight

Wow. It’s never easy to go back and fill in the gaps. Our silence on the blog has been full of our life, ours meshing with others.

We are in Addis as Jon has a week-long conference.

IMG 8726

Three brothers eating lunch.

IMG 8735

Time in the US and away from our station is so near. We are so ready for it at the same time, we feel a real sadness at losing swing in our rural life. Our last month has brought a smattering of new-to-us issues to which we are exposed. I’m grappling for answers and we pray for Biblical responses. 

Recently, there has been much conversation (in my own head at least) about privilege, justice and what it all means. I feel back to square one in many of my ideas of what makes a “good” overseas worker and how it looks to live like Jesus. When something happens to someone in our community, I realize, “That could have been us”. When friends can’t get the chance or help they need, I hold my US passport, so thankful for the many privileges it brings but also grieving what I see as the unfairness of it all. Some situations make me mad but my main emotion for this is sadness and I feel a weight, not a joy-stealer, but one which causes me to wrestle through my worldview, God’s Word and yearn for His Kingdom to come, on earth as it is in heaven.  

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Wind Up Into The Holidays

We are waiting on friends in Bahir Dar, eating lunch and surprise!  This pleasant cafe has WIFI. Ah! i hope our food takes awhile to come!

April is also not a great time to be an edible animal in Ethiopia. What do you think is on the top of this mini bus?

IMG 5710

Yes, it is a load of live sheep, strapped down. They look dead but occasionally lift their heads. Very alive, just a bit shell-shocked.


Many of our neighbors wore crowns of grass on their heads on Good Friday.


Leading up to Easter. “Take a picture of us with our goat”.

IMG 4785

A Good Friday morning coffee ceremony. Jon was invited in as he hiked.

IMG 8673

And the first of many Easter celebrations on Sunday morning.