Friday, March 16, 2018

A Bullet Point Version

This dear, old blog has been a sweet friend to our family. Thank you for weathering the ups and downs with us and now the silence. I am in this glorious, full-on stage of life. I love it at this same time, I am exhausted and my brain operates…at a reduced capacity. I sit behind my keyboard, looking at the white screen, just waiting for brilliant words but then, I only think of this phrase, “Sleep while the kids are sleeping!” ;)

On February 15, as a result of the Ethiopian Prime Minister stepping down, there has been a state of emergency declared and the country is currently under military rule. There have been meetings happening and it’s expected a new Prime Minister will be named any time. The nation proceeds as normal at the same time, there is a slight sense of waiting with baited breath and travel plans changing. Jon is out of the country now on some business and I am in Addis Ababa with the kiddos. God has been sustaining and sent along many faithful friends to lift the load. Good friends of ours, the Kruse family, even extended their time in Addis Ababa to offer their many hands while Jon is traveling. 

A lot of ground has been covered since I last wrote and my trusty old Mac is sl o  w   i    n     g down so pictures are more than I can mess with right now, all out of order and never downloading all. So, here’s the best I can do, the bullet point version. 

-We said "goodbye” to Eliza

IMG 6848

Christmas morning Eliza gave the girls super-hero outfits. 

-Traveled for holiday to South Africa

IMG 4090

This little specks on the beach are J and A. 

-Said “hello” to Papa and Nana

IMG 4604

Cracks me up that mom and dad look 4 feet tall in this picture

-Celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on Table Mountain

IMG 7895

-Extended our trip in Cape Town because of unrest in Ethiopia

-Back to Injibara

IMG 2871

-Celebrated a certain joyful, chunky baby’s 1st birthday

IMG 4247

IMG 6107

-Back to Addis to say “goodbye” to Papa and Nana and to daddy as he travels

-“Hello” to Aubrey (A new intern to help our family with homeschooling and baby for the next 3.5 months!)

All of this has been under a shadow of insecurity for what might happen next here. Kind of a weird season. 

Thank you for sticking with us and praying for our family as well as the Awi. I’ve been thinking about the way so many pour out love and generosity and I pray for each one and know I cannot repay but great is your reward in heaven.