Friday, December 21, 2018

For He Who Is Mighty Has Done Great Things

As we’ve had more Christmases away from our US home, we/ve pushed harder into Advent. It didn’t take many holidays here to realize how without intentionality, traditions and celebrations are skimmed through. 

While we dearly miss many elements of December in the USA, there is a sweetness of skipping the “hustle and bustle” with more time to focus on the miracle of God becoming flesh when he sent Jesus down among us as a baby. 

And if you follow on Instagram, you know we have several different families visit us. There are enough posts mentally backlogged to start another blog. Thanks for still reading. Your prayers and support are vital. 

While the Gerber family was here, because they were coming with four kids, we loosely pre-planned a “Camp Christmas”

IMG 0628

IMG 0798

I remember last year when our neighbors were over and watching a Christmas puppet show. What amazement I felt as as we took a break between the two shows, the shepherd boys left, running out  to bring their friends. Shepherds, telling shepherds the good news. Kids who know what it feels like to sleep among animals. Children who can understand a tight financial situation. 

I see Mary and Joseph's strength and faith in God with new eyes. I deeply feel this little, middle-eastern baby coming to bring peace on earth while leading a beautiful and difficult life.

IMG 6320

We have a video of Friday. Our kids acted out the story in sections all week and on Friday, God brought just the right teacher to tell the children the whole story again and lead a discussion. The kids had never been a part of a drama before so acting it out seemed a stretch. We did not anticipate how much the kids had caught on and added their own sweet perceptions into the story.

IMG 0770Hopefully I can get the video uploaded before western Christmas, but to borrow Mary’s words, “My soul magnifies the Lord”. 

IMG 0775

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Celebrate Hard

When Jon’s parents finalized their trip dates, we were not only glad to they were coming but also packed as much celebrating as we could into our time. By nature, when I have margin, I am a person who loves to celebrate the little things. You already saw a few pictures of them at Field Days, but we also celebrated by sharing our Awi neighborhood and then, an early Thanksgiving, Trick-or-Treating, J and A’s birthday, as well as Jon’s birthday. We were well-partied. 

IMG 1424

Airport pick-ups are so much more fun than drop-offs!

IMG 0198

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IMG 0075

IMG 0160

Our neighbors love to see our parents out and about. We become a little more human, like we came from somewhere, besides an airplane. 

IMG 1521Grandpa and Grandma brought their love and great attitudes to make our day-to-day extra amazing. 

IMG 1462

Jon’s birthday!

IMG 1503

J and A’s birthday!

IMG 0098

Tiger and Miss T also benefitted as Grandma couldn’t resist bringing gifts for the littles as well. 

IMG 1679

While we were staying at a guest house in Addis Ababa, the kids trick-or-treated in the guest house and loved all the attention and funny adults. 

IMG 1660

Look at those teachers in the back. 

IMG 0153Enjoying Mark and Debbie’ visit and even blessed with a meal at their home. 

IMG 9371

IMG 0313

And time to see them off.

Mom and Dad, thanks so much for your visit!  We cherish the time and memories.