Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guard Dog

See this frightening little dog?

3-30 098

I found it at my parents’ house.  The Littles are disconcerted by this hairy, scary mess.

 3-30 097


We haven’t had anyone in the toilet since. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Do I Reconcile This?

The Littles’ bio mother died soon after child birth.  They were premature and their father knew they would die if he kept them. 

Their Father, “H”, makes $300 a year.

He supports his mother and six children.

8 people on $300 a year.

This is where The Littles’ birth family lives, (you see the house, barn and kitchen)


“Today (US) Christians spend more money on dog food than missions”. –Leonard Ravenhill

Check out

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ay Yi Baby Leo

We finally had a chance to meet our precious nephew!  Leo is a doll.  I didn’t get lots of great pictures though! 

3-27 088

3-27 087

The Littles weren’t quite sure what to do about this baby. 

3-27 122

They did have a great time with their dear cousin, “Char-Char”

3-27 098

3-27 075

And when The Littles were too overwhelming for him, he had the climbing advantage and could escape their grasp. :)

3-27 152

It was soooooo good to be with our G. family again!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kinky Curly

The Littles have more hair product than I have…Maybe more than I have ever had…That is because for my stick-straight-haired self to learn curly hair, it has been a process! 

Finally, we have a product love, Kinky Curly Curling Custard is amazing! I should probably someday do product reviews on the MANY products we have tried.  :)

3-17 044 3-17 046

Oh, and Kinky Curly’s “Knot Today” detangler has made bath-time so much better! 

Having stick straight hair, I have had lots to learn in dealing with curly hair.

3-17 048

Curly hair is so much longer than it looks!

Having their hair touched is not The Littles idea of a good time.

3-24 048

 3-24 046

So, on a morning when their delicious curls are going to take a minute, we plop down and watch something on and they tolerate Mama’s intrusion.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What’s Out of Place?

I am all about The Littles developing their own sense of style.

3-17 002

However, I may have to hide one of Little J’s favorite accessories. 

While at the beginning stages of the adoption process, when we thought we were getting a little boy, Uncle Jeff made him this hat. 

Little J loves it, but child, camouflage just isn’t a print that you can mix with everything!  :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

A few more fun pictures from our warm day yesterday.

St Patrick's Day 048

St Patrick's Day 051

We met a few friends at a park…

St Patrick's Day 047 St Patrick's Day 059 

St Patrick's Day 071 St Patrick's Day 078

The Littles are so cute with teeth!!!

St Patrick's Day 083

St Patrick's Day 085 

One final quandry: The Littles are napping!  I know, why would this be a big deal? 

You see, since Sunday, we have committed to one nap a day.  If they take a morning nap, they are deciding they don’t need an afternoon nap, which is lots of trouble.  So, we are down to one midday nap.  This nap has been short, (only about 1 1/2 hours) compared to 2 1/2-3 hours worth of naps with two naps), but today we were going to push until 1:00 as I heard this helps them sleep longer. 

I put the girls in their cribs (in separate rooms) with books for a 20 minute quiet time for me to take a shower. I get out and all is silent, yep, you guessed it, they fell asleep at 10:00 am. I was going to commit and not bounce back and forth.

Yep, it is one of those days that I wish that kids would come with an Owner’s Manual!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Did You Just Hear That?

That was me, stepping outside and yelling, “hallelujah”!

What a great Saint Patrick’s Day.  It is already fun enough to theme the day green and add on top of that nice weather??? YAY!

3-17 088

3-17 084 3-17 076

3-17 062

We have transitioned to one nap, but it has been an adjustment, so outside is just what we needed.

Praying Through The News…


(Photo taken from CNN)

I appreciate a challenge I received a few months ago that I “pray through the news”.  That is what I am trying to do with the disaster in Japan.

Today I watched a news clip of a man, who led the volunteer firefighters, come back to his destroyed home and realize that his wife, sons, daughter-in-laws and four grandkids were killed by the tsunami.   

Did you know that Japan is considered the second largest unreached people group?

Referring to the quote I referenced in the last post, let us turn to the Creator of the universe and pray, I can only groan right now as I think about it, but our Intercessor knows what to do with our groans.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'll Just Pray

Favorite quote of Perspectives last night (In reference to the idea, "I can't do anything else, I'll guess I'll pray...")

"That is like a a soldier saying, 'I don't have a machine gun and I don't have a bazooka.  I only have a thermal nuclear missile, I guess I'll just have to fight with this.'" -Stan Yoder

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miss Independent(s)

Saturday, Jon had a full day of work and so it was just us for another day. I was bumming but The Littles changed my outlook with their antics.  I wish you could have been here and laughed with me. :)

These Littles are starting to want to do things, more independently, from mama and even sister. Stirred on by Betsy’s story of a mother who still spoon-fed her 4 year-old son, I decided to let The Littles assert their independence on a spoon.

3-13 557

Oh yeah, they knew they were big stuff.

3-13 561

It was hard to sit by and watch.  They were not very skilled but did NOT want help. I finally stopped the fun when the spoons were dropped and bowls were being licked out of like puppy dogs.

At what age do you think is ideal for letting kids self-feed with silverware?  Do you have any tips for teaching them?

3-13 573 3-13 570

And what fun is any meal if it doesn’t turn into many rounds of peek-a-boo?

But I have some sneaky peekers on my hands…

3-13 572 3-13 576

But my hands-down favorite moment of the day?

Little A was trying to put a cereal box on her head. 

3-13 581

With a little bit of help, it turned into this.

3-13 592 3-13 596

and this…

3-13 599 3-13 600

The best part is that they walked around for at least 15 minutes like this, like it was totally normal to wear cereal boxes on their heads. :)

3-13 603

Oh Littles, don’t grow up too fast!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Time In

As The Littles are really stretching their wings and facing things like sharing with sister, obeying Mommy, etc, we have had some obstacles to overcome.

I hesitate to write the following paragraphs because I know some of the readers will completely disagree. I could write posts and posts on attachment, but it can sound kind of crazy. So, I will limit myself to this.  :) Something that has been working for us and things we are noticing, not saying this is what every parent should or must do…

Before we completed our adoption, we read about how children from traumatic pasts often need to be parented using a different approach.  One example was a “time-in” instead of a “Time-Out”.  This is especially important with children who battle abandonment issues and insecurities. 

3-11 042

It is basically the same thing, but instead of me sending The Littles away from me or off to a corner or crib (which I feel like doing), I set them near or even beside me until they calm down. (With kiddos as young as The Littles, it takes about 10 seconds-1 minute to calm down).  The premise behind this being that if when they are being rotten, if I would send them away, it could seem to their little hearts (that oft freak out about being left/abandoned by Mama/Daddy) that I only want them when they are “good”.

3-11 043 3-11 045

As with all parenting, it is a constant learning curve and we cry out to the Lord daily for wisdom!

An EXCITING Seminar is coming to Fort Wayne, designed for:

-Parents of Adopted Children

-Foster Parents



-Professionals working with children

“Mom, Can I Blow Up My Brother?”

Understanding and communicating with the wounded child

Emotionally Focused Therapy

A seminar hosted by:

Megan Spinks, LCSW, ACSW

Patty Jewell, LCSW

Guest Speaker: Robert Spottswood, M.A. LCMHC

April 16th, 2011 9am-3pm, $15, lunch included

General Overview of the Seminar: “Today’s families face many challenges.  For adoptive families, these challenges may look different.  One of the most difficult skills for adoptive parents, foster parents, caretakers and child professionals is understanding and responding to the real emotional issues which drive and support disruptive behavior.  How does aggression, defiance, avoidance, and lying come to be safely understood?  How do you come to set the behavior aside to understand the emotional need beneath it? How do you come to understand the emotional needs/hurts driving the behavior?…This seminar will allow for parents and caregivers to understand why rewards, lectures, and predictable consequences will not meet the emotional needs behind the behavior.”

Interested?  Get in contact with me regarding details or e-mail or call her at 260-459-0990.

We are so excited for this day to gain more wisdom and insight.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sigh. News: Some Good and Some Not So Good

Here is the news that delights me, check out this just released Third Day video!

Do you see them? Yup, that is the Schick and the Wulf family!

I feel famous by association! :) In all seriousness, praise God for media like this getting out.

Now for the not so good news, I have been debating posting about this for a little over a week now. As speculations and rumors have been flying, I didn't want to raise any concern for someone who possibly wasn't concerned.

Ethiopian adoption has been significantly changing in the last year and the proposed change that will take effect tomorrow is the biggest blow yet. It would effectually reduce Ethiopian adoption by 90%. Now, that is a big hairy deal. You can read any number of blogs in my side bar blog list to learn specifically what I am talking about or read here:

Please be prayerful. This news, while it is rooted in protecting children and families, is also devastating to many. We are so early into the process, not even on a waiting list so our hearts hurt more for those who have been waiting and waiting some more. And for the orphans of Ethiopia.  There are 5 million in Ethiopia alone and adoption obviously isn't the final answer! We all need to be engaged with orphans globally.

While studying Isaiah this year, the thing that has stood out to me more than everything is the SOVEREIGNTY of God.

I will fall there.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wrapping It Up…

Well, today has turned out much different than expected.  It is my birthday and as you all had voted, it was to be celebrated ON THE DAY.  I have the flu.  No celebration, the thought of cake makes my stomach lurch.  Maybe I’ll get a June birthday after all…Not the way I would have chosen…

Finally wrapping up pictures of our time in Mexico, my creativity is nowhere to be found, I am just hoping for coherence!  :)

CVE 2011 470

Happy Birthday!

CVE 2011 480

CVE 2011 489

Little J learns to color

CVE 2011 502

Little A expresses her love for birthday cake…

CVE 2011 504

Silly Lili with Little A

CVE 2011 506

Katie y Julissa

CVE 2011 514

Steph and Diego

CVE 2011 527

The Littles with a beautiful set of identical twins, Geo y Pao.

The spiritual battle is not finished at CVE.  Please continue to pray that Light pierces every area of darkness.