Thursday, September 27, 2012

Action Packed Weekend

Family joined us last weekend, It was wonderful to watch the cousins playing together.  6 kids 4 and under and a little rain did not stop us from seeing the town. :)

First stop, the zoo!  Oh wait, we got rained out, on to Plan B…the local kids’ science museum.  Definitely a gamble as I hadn’t been in years but it did not disappoint!  I will definitely be taking the girls back in the winter months, it was incredible.

Fun Fall Weekends! 150 Fun Fall Weekends! 141

Fun Fall Weekends! 211

Fun Fall Weekends! 223 Fun Fall Weekends! 220

Fun Fall Weekends! 163 Fun Fall Weekends! 205

Fun Fall Weekends! 227 

We left the museum with places still unexplored but we had to get these kiddos some lunch! After lunch, we rode the mall carousel.

Fun Fall Weekends! 236

Fun Fall Weekends! 256

Fun Fall Weekends! 255 Fun Fall Weekends! 237

Definitely more fun for the kids. :)

Fun Fall Weekends! 240

After naps, we loaded up again and headed to the fair. Here is the one bad shot I have of the group.  Hilarious.

Fun Fall Weekends! 260

Chilled through and full of fair food, we put the kids in their jammies and sent them to bed while we celebrated the birthday boys!

Fun Fall Weekends! 311

Sunday morning, we had a great crew helping with church lunch!

Fun Fall Weekends! 314

Fun Fall Weekends! 320

Sunday afternoon, a get together, remembering the first anniversary of Grandpa’s death.

 Fun Fall Weekends! 329 

Pre-football game...

Fun Fall Weekends! 324

And now it is Thursday and since Sunday, we have done a whole lot of sleeping. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quarters In The Straw

We had our first preschool field trip. The location was beautiful, the group was great but The Littles were boogers and very uncooperative so most of the time, my arms were full of girl and didn’t have a chance to get out the camera. Sigh, oh well, we at least soaked in the sunshiny day.


Exhibit A.  Fun wagon ride being pulled by mules and The Littles were so bugged by EVERYTHING and I was so bugged by them. ;)

Fun Fall Weekends! 078

Fun Fall Weekends! 095

Fun Fall Weekends! 098 Fun Fall Weekends! 110

Such a cute idea, after they thrashed a large pile of straw, the kids gathered around and watched as a worker threw quarters in and then the kids dug through the straw to find them.

Fun Fall Weekends! 111 

One of the organizers held back some quarters to help the younger kids around the perimeter.  The Littles thought they were big stuff when they found “monies”.

Fun Fall Weekends! 126

T, for the record, I thought you won the straw fight. ;)


We are loving preschool co-op!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Face Paint

We had quite the weekend. For time's sake right now, I'll limit myself.
Yes, almost more glee than two Littles can handle.
And definitely too much sugar.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Parade Love

The Littles think that parades are one of the best ideas ever.  During fair week, we hadn’t gone in yet and I saw there was a parade on the schedule for the evening. 

Perfect. We picked up Mimi and heading for the hoopla.

Fun Fall Weekends! 013

Yes, they were just a little excited…

Fun Fall Weekends! 033

We enjoyed a picnic on the street and The Littles loved being introduced to corn dogs, but they did not like the “nail” through the center. They asked if next time we could buy them cold corn dogs so they wouldn’t have to blow on them.

Fun Fall Weekends! 039

The parade began and The Littles assumed the parade position.

Fun Fall Weekends! 044

About 15 minutes in after the sugar high is in effect, tootsie rolls oozing between their teeth.

Fun Fall Weekends! 053

Cheering Trent through the parade!

Fun Fall Weekends! 056

Showing Mimi their good fortune and still in disbelief that all they have to do is stand there and people give them candy.

Fun Fall Weekends! 059

Three prizes and one meltdown at the Mouse Game later…

Fun Fall Weekends! 064

Not sure if life could get any sweeter (or stickier :)) than this.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

More In The Minivan Stage

I wouldn’t trade my college years for anything, in large part due to all the deep relationships forged, I have another set of sisters! Oh, sometimes I miss the dear PYG with all it’s time for laughter, growth and long hashing sessions!

Now, we are well past the college age and more in the minivan stage but can still get together old roomies and pour out our hearts.

Some of our clans had a little reunion.

Shane & Stef 049

Here are our kiddos (seventh on the way!)


Flashback photo from our last get together.

 Shane & Stef 066 Shane & Stef 068

It’s fun to think about them all being in some college group together someday!

Shane & Stef 014

Reeve was a puppy on the bike ride, with the wind blowing through his hair.

Shane & Stef 079

Sweet Beckham

Shane & Stef 022

Gavin’s triumphant position after he scores a goal.

Shane & Stef 056

Group hug!

Shane & Stef 032

Finally, a kids table!  YAY!

Shane & Stef 071

So much fun! Who knows how many kids will be in the next picture?!? :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Prayers For A Growing Family

Meet Jeff and Sarah.  They have two daughters, Shiloh and Selah.

Edited IMG_5493_edited-2

God has blessed them with another son, Joah, who is in Ethiopia.


And then God blessed them some more and they are pregnant. SURPRISE!


(Jeff and Sarah with Joah at their court date)

Sarah leaves with a friend from church on Friday to bring home Joah.  Their embassy date is on September 24th. They could really use our prayers. In the words of Sarah on prayer points, “safe travels, no major problems with paperwork or the embassy (our actual interview is Monday the 24th at 9am) and finally my morning sickness due to pregnancy has been a raging beast, so please pray that I can get through this trip without feeling liking I'm dying :-)”.

Let’s lift the whole family in prayer over the next week!