Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lots of Faces

On Saturday evening, we were at a wedding and Jada started to have a reoccurrence of her stranging issues.  I wondered why and it continued into Sunday.  As I downloaded pictures on Sunday night from our weekend, I think I may have discovered the reason!  We had a weekend full of visitors and a wedding!  It may have been a lot for the girls, but we were so glad for each visitor.

August 2010 001

Aunt Kris came on Friday.

August 2010 020

We went to the park and the girls used Aunt Kris like a jungle gym.  Adia found her leg particularly appetizing and amused herself for more than 20 minutes by blowing loud bubbles on her leg. 

August 2010 018

She did a great job of holding still, I am too ticklish for this.

August 2010 013

Adia comes up for air…

On Friday night, a wonderful family came over for dinner.

August 2010 049

They are starting an orphanage in Southern Ethiopia for Mingi children.  We were so encouraged in their work and our hearts broke for the plight of the mingi children.

August 2010 082

August 2010 040

Their daughter is a day apart in age from J & A.

We also have great neighbors!

August 2010 056

and the kids love babies!  So fun!

To wrap up the weekend, we had more visitors! 

August 2010 057

Jon and I actually went out for a date!  I was kind of nervous, but we got something to eat while we had 4 very willing babysitters. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sculpture Saturday

Just Like Christmas 089 

Oh wait!  That isn’t a sculpture, it is just some creepy mannequin that the antique shop has let out on the square all summer.  

Just Like Christmas 064

“But wait Officer, we weren’t double-parked!”

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are…

Yes, that is right, we tried the zoo again!  Our best zoo day, yet! The weather was cooler, the girls are a little older and better at finding the animals and we started with good naps!


Tiff met us and we began our trek in the African Journey, where the animals were up close and personal!

Zoo 008 

They may be little, but they both want to drive!

 Zoo 013

Giraffes are may favorite animal, but I must admit…

Zoo 019

This one came out of nowhere and completely startled me!

Zoo 023

The girls were unfazed, both Jada and Adia tried to get him.  We kept our distance as the giraffe-keeper said he could be aggressive in swinging his head.

Zoo 028

The girls could find the animals this time and loved watching them!  Adia was enamored with the zebras.

Zoo 030   Zoo 037

Zoo 035

Both of the girls liked the drums.

Zoo 047

I am amazed how brave the girls are.

Zoo 050

Zoo 051

We maybe would have stayed longer with the goats if…

Zoo 052

They weren’t trying to eat us!

Whew! I am feeling much better now that I know the girls just might be zoo lovers after all! We just need to go when it is below 87 degrees.  :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Like Christmas

I heard a quote the other day to which I gave a hearty “AMEN”.  “When parenting, the days are long, but the years are short.” Yesterday, kind of out of the blue, Jon said, “You know, having the girls is like having Christmas every day”.  I smiled, agreed and thought about all the sweet, endearing things the girls do day-to-day.  I also thought, “Jon isn’t home with the girls everyday!  It isn’t just all giggles and sweetness around here”! 


I woke up this morning, remembering the line about Christmas and prayed that God would give me the grace to just enjoy the girls and chuck my to-do list (that I never get done anyways) out the window. 


We blew bubbles, read, sang, ate an extra serving of fruit (they think it is candy), cuddled and and I stopped to just bask in the delightfulness of two babies discovering the world..

I enjoyed the way Adia kisses herself in the mirror and blows bubbles…

Just Like Christmas 005

And the killer way that Jada’s hair is coming in…

Just Like Christmas 052

And their delight with a new toy…

Just Like Christmas 012 Just Like Christmas 016

And the way that Adia is catching up to Jada in her mobility, both on the verge of crawling away…

Just Like Christmas 023

And the way they interact…

Just Like Christmas 045

And the way that Jada always finds that blue ring and tries to put it on her head…

Just Like Christmas 022

And the way Adia has started to tilt her head when she smiles…

Just Like Christmas 034

And the way I hear Jada say, “dad” and Adia say “bob” all day.  (We are still working on making “mama” their go-to noise)…

Just Like Christmas 025

When Jon was done with work, we finished the day with Blueberry Pomegranate Swirl Chocolate Chunk ice cream cones and enjoyed the beautiful evening. 

Just Like Christmas 094

As I rocked them, I looked deep into their big, dark brown eyes and thought, “I wouldn’t trade this for the world”.

I guess it did feel a lot like Christmas. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Wolf Lake 2010 291

We LOVE our bathtime!

Highlighting an Adoption Resource:

I realize that a majority of our blog readers are families who are interested in adoption.  I have decided to highlight some different and helpful resources that we have found. Celebrating Adoption ( is a great organization that donates a free photo session for familes that have adopted within the past year.  We were already gifted a photo session from Jenna Stoller ( and we are so excited! 


If you go to the celebrate adoption website, you can find a link with photographers from your state who will donate a photo session for your family.  There is also a link where photographers can join the force to become one of the state’s photographers.  A really cool organization!

Monday, August 23, 2010

It Felt Like Vacation

Yes, we are back and that is the end of our vacationing for awhile.  :(  We went to Wolf Lake with Jon’s family and it was a great week.  It felt like a vacation!  Jon was able to be there the whole time and through the whole time with my family at Lake James, the girls apparently decided that they LIKE people.  Which, I am so thankful for, it makes it so much easier to be in group settings!

Jon also gave me a “night vacation” meaning he took care of everything girl related in the night, the pack-n-plays were on his side of the bed and I slept uninterrupted for nights in a row.  It. was. blissful.

Some snapshots from our week:

Wolf Lake 2010 038

The girls loved the water and the sand!  Unfortunately, they loved the sand a little too much and wouldn’t stop eating it.  Lots of it. 

Wolf Lake 2010 040

Wolf Lake 2010 052  Wolf Lake 2010 055

The girls also had 3 cousins to play with and their toys!

Wolf Lake 2010 063 Wolf Lake 2010 126

and there were many willing hands to help out…

Wolf Lake 2010 123

Wolf Lake 2010 137

Wolf Lake 2010 209

I probably should break this post up into two, but here are some more fun shots:

Wolf Lake 2010 242

Wolf Lake 2010 203

Wolf Lake 2010 161

Wolf Lake 2010 169

Wolf Lake 2010 142

Wolf Lake 2010 133

Wolf Lake 2010 119

Wolf Lake 2010 286