Monday, November 28, 2016


Dishes piled around the sink, stacks of laundry, school schedule and timelines and a to-do list I can never quite get through threaten to take over the sweet parts of life, the twinkling Christmas lights, cozy house, imaginative kids and not having to go out into the cold, just to name a few…

Procrastinating the piles by eating fudge and clearing off the camera while the kids watch “Magic School Bus”. 

IMG 3291

The crew, ready to go trick-or-treating with daddy. (The girls handed out donuts as they wanted to be “donut makers”.

IMG 3384

Stopping for snuggles. As the girls get older, these moments are fleeting…

IMG 3422

And this Tiger. So, so sweet.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

That's Christmas To Me...

As the twinkling lights turned on, Christmas music strained through the room and the girls danced “ballet” while Tiger and I looked on. The song came on “That’s Christmas to Me” and I realized the preparation I was watching was the ones I remember, cold air outside, warm inside. 

Last Christmas we were celebrating with our Canadian friends and went on horse rides and hippo hunts. We imitated certain aspects of a North American Christmas but made it our own too.  We have been missing our home in Awi land but we are also so thankful to be in the USA for a Christmas season. Most of our time in America has been a paradox of emotion (let’s blame it all on the pregnancy…but in reality, I think it is more the transition and shifting sands). Ethiopia continues to experience difficult days. We continue to pray and hope for reconciliation and brave and wise leaders. I will continue to blame my absentmindedness, lack of organization and moods on pregnancy. :)

I finally made some space on my phone to take more pictures!  It is an amazing season and I don’t want to forget it!

IMG 9769

Tummy time with Tiger. Go ahead and scream. I want to eat him up!

IMG 1091

Watching a skid loader from the comfort of inside.

IMG 1093

Love these three and being a family of five. 

IMG 1095

Learning how to do school with Tiger, so funny as he has loads to say.  The girls in this picture were only taking instructions from Tiger. So, he would babble and I would translate, “He says it is time to do your math”. They listen better to him than me. 

 Much Love to All!


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fire On The Mountain

Inexplicably, the mountain across from our house in Injibara was on fire. It’s rainy season and this is highly improbable and no one knows why it started.  I can imagine the community gathered in shock and awe with a general uneasiness to watch such a prominent landscape feature experience this. Pray with us for God’s Glory to be known among the Awi.

20161111 100921 resized 2

Based on SIM’s recommendation, we are still stateside as we wait out unrest in Ethiopia and await the arrival of kiddo #4. Lately, as we’ve settled a bit more, I realize I am feeling the stress of re-entry and my family is too. We press into Jesus through this time of uncertainty and beg Him to hold us tightly.

Much Love To All!