Tuesday, February 27, 2018


 We went to South Africa to enjoy a holiday and met my parents there for a planned week vacation. We were supposed to return to Ethiopia to spend 2 weeks with my parents accompanying us to Injibara. However, because the Prime Minister suddenly announced his resignation on February 15th, the situation was unsteady enough that we were not able to return to Injibara. (Ironically, the President of South Africa stepped down on February 14).  Instead of returning to Ethiopia and waiting out the waves of political upheaval at a guest house in Addis Ababa, we extended our stay in Cape Town and fly back to Ethiopia tomorrow, February 28th, where we pray we can go to our station together on March 1st. 

I am thankful for the Lord’s provision that once again, in the unsteady political climate, we were out of Ethiopia. A state of emergency is put into place for the next six months for the country and there is talk of a new Prime Minister being named this week. Pray for peace, wisdom, justice and protection of innocent lives. As I am sure you can guess, this also isn’t my favorite situation to take our kids into but we are peaceful. 

And I can’t think of too many other places where I’d rather wait out a situation. Cape Town is ocean, remote beaches, tidal pools, warm bays, mountains, sunshine, braai and animals.  Just wildly amazing and beautiful. Also, wild in an untouched sort of way.  In a penguins swimming around your legs, ostriches grazing on deserted beach, baboons in our kitchen, seals on the pier, a pod of orcas sighted off the balcony, baby shark laying at my feet kind of way. We made a list of wildlife we had seen and not counting bird and fish species, we are at well over 20. 

Putting up these pictures, I’m laughing at how non-chaotic we look. At the risk of being a broken record, traveling with babies is chaos. We’ve got some sweet babies and people are gracious.  

IMG 7423

Wading between boulders looking for penguins There are 3000 penguins in the colony. 

IMG 4538They are wild and we respected their perimeter…

IMG 7447

All but Tiger, he just wanted to touch them but we kept stopping him because we wanted him to keep his fingers intact. 

IMG 4562

They would swim all around us.

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IMG 7743

Then we were down at the Cape of Good Hope and I am exclaiming, “GIRLS! WOW. This is just what we studied! Who was the first explorer to come around this Cape?” and they blankly stared at me. They did like the wild ostriches though.

IMG 6097

I didn’t get a picture of this mama baboon and her baby sitting on our kitchen counter. I noticed banana peels outside on the steps, along with a knocked over jar of peanut butter and assumed J and A had a snack. Then I noticed spilled granola, moving into the kitchen, there they were. We stared at each other and I slowly walked towards Miss T, who was alone and crawling around the kitchen floor. “Umm. Guys, baboons are in the house!” The mama baboon loaded up her arms with a cereal box and fruit, she left an apple she had started on the counter, her baby jumped on her back and they ran out. 

IMG 4477

The seals were jumping onto a pier, clearing out fish the fishermen had dropped. Jon decided to try and touch it and…

IMG 4478

Oh my word. I wish I had a video. Jon leaping backwards as the seal aggressively came towards him, barking and chomping. 

IMG 4488

And following our theme, here’s Tiger, so bugged he can’t pet the animals!

IMG 4229

Look at this shark…it was kind of cute, only because I wasn’t in the water. 

IMG 4544

We have babies obsessed with birds. 

IMG 4556

IMG 7539

Thank you so much for your prayers. 
IMG 7844
IMG 6345
Here’s our child-friendly “horsey” we found.