Thursday, June 25, 2015

Culture shock and jet leg can combine to make us crazy people but thankfully, we seem through the throes of it. 

IMG 5951

There is a point, not so much on the plane but at airports, where we are sprawled across the floor after running to lines, just to wait to be herded through whatever process customs or security or etc, when I have the distinct thought, “HUMANS ARE NOT MADE FOR THIS!”

IMG 5949

And then there is the point when I am too tired to stop my child from giggling at the drooling, sleeping man sitting beside her. “Mama, can I take his picture? HA!” 

IMG 5946

Or when we’ve made everything out of silly putty that we can imagine.

IMG 5819

Playing in the Doha airport. Yay for whoever thought of playgrounds in airports!

After a few weeks, Jon and I are taking significantly less pictures of food everywhere we go in this land of plenty and CREAM CHEESE.

The Littles are no longer giggle/shrieking in every elevator and on escalators. As we have traveled, they have even gotten over the novelty of drive-thru food. Although they did ask how we “play” the coke machine.

Sometimes it is so hard to bring the two worlds together in my mind.

IMG 5482

MG 0018

IMG 8803

Thankful to be a part of both. Thanks for including us so much in your lives here!



Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh, Sweet Summertime!

If you are interested in catching up with us in Morton or Bloomington, IL this week and don’t have details for when and where, let me know at and I’ll shoot the info your way. We would love to connect!


As we have been soaking up every minute with our families and church family, Jon said, “There’s not much sweeter on this side of heaven”.

IMG 0055

IMG 0232

IMG 0159

IMG 0238

IMG 0186

IMG 0009



Does anyone have experience with the MarsEdit blogging program that could offer me technical support? I could use it! I am ready to chuck the whole thing. 




Sunday, June 21, 2015


Coming from Addis Ababa, Doha airport in Qatar is about a polar opposite. 

IMG 5928

Or panda opposite, please laugh with me at the cheesy joke.

Still trying to work out the kinks, seeing if pictures post.  :)

Friday, June 19, 2015


I can’t get pictures to upload but we’ll persevere and just use words. :)

You dear, dear people. I can’t say thanks for the bajillions of ways you have thought of us in our transition. We try to express our humble appreciation but fall so short. We were met at our debrief site with a box of clothes for the girls, activities and a blowdryer for me. We made it to the midwest and moved in with a Grandma and had a fridge full of food, stocked pantry, meals in the freezer and borrowed toys and bikes. Talking to you, we scratch the surface on the scope of your labor in prayer on our behalf and on the behalf of the Awi people. Your love comes through in so many obvious ways. Thank you. 

Blogging will start again, we just have to work out some kinks. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Here We Go Again

The first golden rays of sunshine glinted off the table as I started to day, surprised to be up before the sun but glad for the quiet of the morning to pray and read. Feeling very self-congratulatory that I hadn't been grumpy to anyone yet, I realized I hadn't seen anyone else because it was so early. 

This whole packing up for 1/3 of a year and planning here and there and everywhere doesn't bring out the chill side of me. (Sorry to my dear fam).

We've seen a lot less of these scenes
 Two grown men, delighted by our swing set
Coffee at a friends
Grocery shopping.

Addis Ababa is the land in between for us. Still so different from the USA but also so different from our rural life.

We have a possible glitch with our exit visas, which we pray is resolved this afternoon. 3:00 pm our time. I just talked with a man at immigration. He helpfully said, "There is hope we get it today". If you are up right now, will you pray it comes through?  
 We just can't wait to do 30 hours of this.  The memories of the last international travel haven't faded enough yet! Ha! The Littles are amazing travelers but there is a limit and that is about 2 airports and many flight hours before our arrival. Complete exhaustion and despair hit somewhere around the umpteenth screening we go through. Last time, their frustrations manifested itself through them taking off their shoes and clothes. Yeah, it was as fun as it sounds. 

We are supposed to fly out middle of the night. We will also have some possible issues in customs on Ethiopian and USA side. Please pray it goes smoothly and we aren't stopped and we make all our connections or the grace to handle glitches with a smile and grace.