Monday, April 16, 2012

Daniel In The Lion Flowers

The Littles are cracking me up with their recent word combinations.

Walking to get the mail…


The Littles talked about the “Daniel In The Lion Flowers”. Yes, dandelions and I can correct them, “No girls, say it like this, “dan-dddddah-lion.” They smile and say, “dannnniel in the lion”.'


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Deceivingly, these pictures were taken in beautiful 65 degree weather.  The Littles have their own opinions about appropriate accessories.

The Littles prance around the house singing their own rendition of “Yankee Doodle” and have renamed it “Naked doodle” and it makes me laugh every time I hear, “Naked do dah day” or Little J stops and says, “Mama, what’s a naked doodle?” The song is so much more amusing when sung, “Naked Doodle went to town, riding on a pony”.


They have a new love for shoes. Mostly because of the Cinderella story.  They take off one shoe and say, “My Cinderella!” (Little A uses “my” in place of “I am”)


They try to convince me to wear high heels around the house ALL day, bonus points for Mama if they are sparkly. “Ohh. Beautiful Mama”.

Happy Monday!


Mindy said...

Hehe! I LOVE the naked doodle!! Those girls make me laugh!

emilykate said...

You do a great job at portraying the adorableness of those girls!

smw said...

so cute. i can hardly stand that first picture with both girls and both kitties. absolutely adorable.

Justin & Sarah said...

I love this stage!! The things they say and do! :)