Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Wind Up Into The Holidays

We are waiting on friends in Bahir Dar, eating lunch and surprise!  This pleasant cafe has WIFI. Ah! i hope our food takes awhile to come!

April is also not a great time to be an edible animal in Ethiopia. What do you think is on the top of this mini bus?

IMG 5710

Yes, it is a load of live sheep, strapped down. They look dead but occasionally lift their heads. Very alive, just a bit shell-shocked.


Many of our neighbors wore crowns of grass on their heads on Good Friday.


Leading up to Easter. “Take a picture of us with our goat”.

IMG 4785

A Good Friday morning coffee ceremony. Jon was invited in as he hiked.

IMG 8673

And the first of many Easter celebrations on Sunday morning. 

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cait kaehr said...

Always love reading your updates. Cannot believe how grown up the girls look in that last picture!! Love & prayers...