Thursday, June 25, 2015

Culture shock and jet leg can combine to make us crazy people but thankfully, we seem through the throes of it. 

IMG 5951

There is a point, not so much on the plane but at airports, where we are sprawled across the floor after running to lines, just to wait to be herded through whatever process customs or security or etc, when I have the distinct thought, “HUMANS ARE NOT MADE FOR THIS!”

IMG 5949

And then there is the point when I am too tired to stop my child from giggling at the drooling, sleeping man sitting beside her. “Mama, can I take his picture? HA!” 

IMG 5946

Or when we’ve made everything out of silly putty that we can imagine.

IMG 5819

Playing in the Doha airport. Yay for whoever thought of playgrounds in airports!

After a few weeks, Jon and I are taking significantly less pictures of food everywhere we go in this land of plenty and CREAM CHEESE.

The Littles are no longer giggle/shrieking in every elevator and on escalators. As we have traveled, they have even gotten over the novelty of drive-thru food. Although they did ask how we “play” the coke machine.

Sometimes it is so hard to bring the two worlds together in my mind.

IMG 5482

MG 0018

IMG 8803

Thankful to be a part of both. Thanks for including us so much in your lives here!



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Anonymous said...

I just found you a few weeks ago. So happy you have had a safe journey. God bless you and your family.LN