Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FAQ: Who Does She Look Like?

Getting our crew out the door is hilarious or panic inducing, depends on how I look at it. I have barely been out but Little Miss and I did get out (just the two of us) for her two-week check up. Afterwards, I decided to run by a quick portrait studio, thinking we could be in and out. 

Little Miss T joins her siblings in a legacy of being amazing kids but not great or deep sleepers and this day was no exception. The photographer was bored as there was no one else and she spent 1.5 hours trying to get me to put her to sleep, but there was absolutely no way Little Miss T was going to participate in that silly activity. Ha! The photographer would say, “Maybe try nursing her one more time?” and so we tried on four separate occasions, which really only made her spit up on the props. People who get their babies on a schedule astound me.


Because it was a studio, she also was continually annoyed by the flash. 


This sweet little bundle seems to favor her daddy’s side. We have heard multiple times that she reminds people of Jon’s dad, even from people who have only seen him in pictures. :)


When we heard at her 18 week ultrasound it was a girl, I was shocked as I was really hoping for a boy to keep things even, now I can’t imagine anything but a bit of girlie sweetness!


We love the little dear so much! She loves to be held and has started to stare deeply into our eyes, studying our faces for chunks of time, so glad for this gift of God.


smw said...

That story about the photographer is so funny. :) she looks like she is very alert. I bet you are having so much fun watching her grow and gaze. :)

sarah.flyingkites said...

That sounds incredibly painful!! lol.

I was totally thinking she looked like your mom -- and then I read what people have been saying and I'm obviously way off! :)

Love reading these posts!

T and M said...

OK I am cracking up at that first adorable picture with her in the bow looking so so alert! That is too funny about the photographer… She's so young to be on a schedule :-) I'm glad you are enjoying her. I think She is a cute mix of both of you