Wednesday, June 27, 2018

4 Kilos

An update on the sweet baby for whom you are praying. The baby boy was seen by a doctor and his mom reports increased pain and he is not nursing well. His mother and uncle (his family-wife and 6 kids are still here) are staying in a hotel in Addis Ababa.

He will see a specialist on Thursday and will receive an operation when he weighs 4 kilos. This seems a high goal for this little guy but we know with God all things are possible. 

Four local farmers just planted “house grass” for us which will enable us to recover our hut roof at the end of rainy season. The grass has raised in price as using land space for a small financial return is not very lucrative. 

IMG 7258

Thank you for praying for our community. Our team is finding open hearts in many directions. 

If you follow international news, you may have seen a giant peace rally in support of our new PM, Dr. Abi. Reportedly, there were 4.5 million in attendance. We received a text from our friend who was their, “Proudest moment for Ethiopians…proud to be alive”. While most of the country’s population in favor of Dr. Abi and his plans for peace, reconciliation and unity, there are a few opposed to it. There was a bomb thrown, an assassination attempt on Dr. Abi’s life, killing one attendee and injuring 156. Continue to pray for peace. 

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Visiting the injured in the hospital. Pictures are credited to a news source from Facebook.