Monday, October 15, 2018

"You Got Me Out of Bed For This?"

Meskel morning air hung thick with smoke as we lit our flaming torches. Because of the Littles, our bonfire was at 6 am, hours after the earliest were lit. The girls bounded out of bed on Meskel morning, having slept lightly in anticipation for holding a flaming torch and seeing which direction the smoke traveled. Meskel is an Ethiopian holiday, “Finding of the True Cross”. I’ll not type more as wikipedia does a decent job of explaining the tradition.

By 8:00 am, I smelled like bonfire smoke and had coffee spots, fresh out of the jebena, and spicy stew on my clothes, not a bad start to a day. I can never complain as most of my days start with good coffee.

IMG 9618

Miss T’s face in this picture speaks, “You got me out of bed for this?”

IMG 0748

IMG 0754

IMG 0759

IMG 0769

IMG 9643

After our very impressive bonfire, we ate breakfast before an 8:00 am date for coffee i the yard.

IMG 0774

IMG 0787

IMG 0796

IMG 9634

IMG 9674

When we are in Injibara, Jon and the girls do a traditional hike on the morning of Meskel. I am sure someday Miss T and Tiger will join.

IMG 9678

A view from the top

IMG 9660

And this yellow wild flower is named the “Meskel Flower”, blooming brilliantly against purple wildflowers and green grass during this season.

Within the last few weeks, God has opened doors for me to lead three small groups of women in a leadership and self-worth course. I’ve loved learning alongside the women and getting a deeper insight into the culture of the women around us. I’ve so many thoughts on education right not that I will give the subject its own post.

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Teresa said...

Miss T's face! :) She may have rather been told about the event afterwards and enjoyed some more sleep.