Thursday, November 15, 2018

Field Days 2018

A highlight for our year is Field Days where we are a part of a homeschool program at an international school in Addis Ababa. While our girls aren’t naturally track and field girls, the food, relationships and 30 minutes of family fun races make all two days worth it. 

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Watching the toddler races, Miss T and Tiger had already ran their race with much joy and a bit of confusion. 

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An added bonus with Grandpa and Grandma in our cheer squad!

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Getting the Littles off the field. After their race, they kept sneaking through the flags onto the track.

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The girls’ 4x100 relay team

IMG 1756

Getting ready to run the Daddy-Daughter race, getting harder each year with growing girls and now three daughters!

IMG 9731

Holding on for dear life.

IMG 9725

Waiting for the 3-legged race

IMG 9579

Our last time hanging with the Dunns in Ethiopia. ; / 

IMG 9620

Go Taylor!

IMG 9736

Tiger and I tried to do the Mother-Son race, which is where the moms steer their boys, wheelbarrow style down the field. He was definitely the youngest competitor and when everyone else crossed the finish line and we still hadn’t crossed the 10 m mark, we decided to run together instead. 

IMG 9587

So fun to have Grandpa and Grandma cheering on our team. 

IMG 9691

Two action-packed and exhausting days.

IMG 9639

IMG 9673

We loved to cheer on our girls and were so proud of them for persevering, stretching themselves and smiling as they ran. 



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