Monday, January 28, 2019

Squirm Break

Still not able to work out the kinks with the blog, so I will try one picture at a time. It’s actually a great break time for me as I am currently reading a book, so convicting, challenging and full of new thoughts I am literally squirming as I read it and can digest it in chunks.  Do any of you read books that make you squirm? I would love to hear your recommendations and am enjoying the uncomfortable challenge and Biblical call, though not easy, discussions from different points of view spark life. I read a chapter to Jon and waited for his feedback. He sat still for a bit and said, “Wow, I don’t know how to respond as I don’t even have a shelf to put this information”. My current book is “Global Humility”. 

Okay, messing around a bit, I don’t think it is the text, just any photo…trying again.

Sigh. More fixing to do I guess. :)

I want your book recommendations, for real. 

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Jenna Stoller said...

Hey, Let me know if I can help here. Not sure if I can fix things or work on something on my end or if it's an internet thing on yours?

Feel free to email me or fb message me