Monday, February 10, 2020


I'm not even going to apologize for the long absence many times do I say I will revive the blog and not do it will you still believe me? Are you still there? 

If you are, thank you for your loyalty and your prayers. 

I still write blog posts in my head, during the morning hours when creativity oozes through but I'm juggling morning school, rowdy toddlers and marveling how quickly everything is a mess, every day. When I get to a window of space in my day, the only inspiration I have is to power nap and fold laundry. 

But tonight, after the gentle prompting of a friend (thanks Margo) our littles are in bed, Jon is trying to teach Rummikub to the bigs (bless him) and I've settled knowing this tired brain won't etch out a riveting piece, but rather a signal across the miles, "Heeeellllooo, I'm still here!" 

Since arriving back on Ethiopian soil, we've been able to host at our new house, attend a conference in Addis Ababa and visit our old village neighborhood. 

It was amazingly sweet to be back in Injibara.

And though all of the pictures on this post are from this time, also incredibly sweet to feel roots beginning to push deeper into our Bahir Dar soil.

The words beneath the pictures aren't captions, just the scattered last paragraph

We are working out new rhythms and routines. 

The girls and I have our first chance to teach an English speaking preschool at the Grace Center, something we hope to do on a weekly basis

As we walk familiar trails, we also find new ones.

4th grade moves forward and in the midst of travels, we are behind but hopeful to keep learning about this great, big world around us. 

With these hooligans in tow, making everything so much harder and so much cuter.

We stretch into our new season, praying to be effective in our new community as well as how to reach to our Awi community.

This week, a sick, pregnant friend (not pictured) will stay with us. She is not well and I need prayer for wisdom, compassion, energy and language as we support her. Pray God opens her eyes to him.

Thank you all for the ways you love us and so faithfully pray.

Praise God he is able!


Janel said...

I was so excited to see a post! I still check regularly for updates ;) Thanks for sharing some pictures of your time in Injibara! It was fun to see some familiar faces! Praying for wisdom with Asmarich!

Anonymous said...

prayers continue! YOU are NOT forgotten!! L & P

Matt and Kristi said...

We are here and love reading everything you post!!!!

Margo said...

Well hello Amy!! I'm so glad to "see" you guys again! The pictures are great - so rich with people and culture! I'm sure your littles are a challenge at times but please pause and enjoy them a little extra. (As we struggle through exponent homework with our oldest...) Those days of littles are precious! :) Hope you have a great week! Love you guys! Margo

leah said...

still here + listening! great to hear from you - praying for your family as you grow those roots!

Teresa said...

I didn't give up on you. I kept checking occasionally. Good to hear an update. Thanks to Margo for the gentle nudge. :) The pictures are great. Your littles are adorable and your bigs are beautiful. Enjoy each day! Love you!

sarah.flyingkites said...

I'm still here!

You are a great writer -- whether inspired or not!