Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Night In Mexico

Once The Littles relaxed enough to fully discover how fun it was to be surrounded by kids of all ages, it was of course our last night in Mexico.  We soaked up every bit of it.  As two worlds collided, life then and life now, I was so thankful we were on a crazy, whirlwind trip with three-year olds.

Super Southwest 704

Taking their job as dish dryers very seriously with Tania and Julisa.

Super Southwest 702

The series of beautiful young ladies and cheesy toddlers…

Super Southwest 691

Super Southwest 711

Super Southwest 737

Two sets of identical twins!  Pau and Geo, hope my girlies can be as amazing as you someday!

Super Southwest 733

Playing with sweet Gloria

And in a climatic, much anticipated moment, where it was least expected,  Little A finally pooped in the potty! Jon teared up.  Really, that big of deal.

Super Southwest 612

Todd and Seth, thanks for your relaxing environment!

Super Southwest 746

Which called for a potty party!  Seriously. A BIG deal.

Pray with us for the work God is doing, healing hearts in Magdalena. Pray for the staff as they minister, tirelessly and continually. God is changing lives in miraculous ways.


Kristen Hoerr said...

Yay for Little A! Excited to see you guys soon

Q said...

All those Mr. Poopy stories paid off. Yay!

smw said...

fun post. :) congrats on the potty training success!