Friday, December 14, 2012

If A Picture Can Express 1,000 Words…

Here’s what The Littles thought of Mexico.

Super Southwest 664

Yay Mexico!

Super Southwest 532

Super Southwest 570

Jodi and her kiddos hosted us and were gracious in their hospitality.

Super Southwest 586

Connecting with Yaneli over tacos and churros and hotdogs and elotes. :)

 Super Southwest 600 

Seth and Todd during the variety show, entertaining us with thoughts of matrimonio.

 Super Southwest 617

Jodi, you’ve got some precious kids.

Super Southwest 621

Making new friends…

 Super Southwest 625

Super Southwest 636

Playing with big dogs who The Littles mistaked for coyotes.

 Super Southwest 645

Tomorrow we will post the end of our Mexico pictures. 

I also plan to dialogue a bit more about what we are learning about saying healthy goodbyes as their has been some interest expressed.

Happy Weekend!

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leah said...

this makes me lonesome for cve & jodi's sweet little family--thanks for sharing!