Tuesday, April 28, 2015


After spending the weekend in a hot, hot region of Ethiopia, with friends who live among the Gumuz people, it feels great to be back in our high altitude, cooler climate, no mosquitos and not poisonous critters. :) 

I know the blogging break has been long, internet has been working part time, but it is very expensive right now, we hope data will soon come back in an affordable range or Jon is convinced that the blog cannot have a price tagged assigned at it is priceless. hehehe. ;)

After one April in Injibara, I would not want to miss another one. It is a month of great festivity and hospitality. The hospitality part has been very challenging to me as we are so blessed by all the invites. It’s made me consider, if moving back to the US, what if we would be as inclusive of the foreigner in our celebrations? 

IMG 4747

Building progress at a neighbor’s.


Beauty in unexpected places.


sarah.flyingkites said...

Your blog is so priceless - I learn so much and am more prayerful for you because of it!!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Maybe we can all help to convince Jon that the blog is priceless. The second picture is amazing.