Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dropped Sails

Writing isn’t something in which I feel like I excel. I blog and hope you overlook the lack of skill because of the fun pictures and cute kids. Right now, the blog is a sailboat and I have dropped the ropes and we float along, short on direction. 

Jon and I talked about the digital footprint we are leaving for The Littles and about how they may feel about anyone being able to access their childhood business. We considered stopping the blog altogether but it’s too valuable for us. You love us, laughing and crying and wrestling with issues, alongside our family. Telling stories of others is complicated and I still need to learn how to share them and preserve the subject’s dignity. Far too often, the entire continent of Africa is lumped into one place with media only showing stories of war, famine and disease. There is suffering, there is difficulty but we know Ethiopia to also be a place of beauty and great hope. On the flip side, as westerners, we can romanticize life in poverty and it’s simplicity when it is full of complication. And I don’t know how to write about it. 

Please forgive the current lack of direction, I want to put the sails back up on this boat but need some clarity of where we want to sail. Thanks for sticking with us in the lull.

More vacation shots

IMG 1794

Early morning barefoot run

IMG 2019

Staring each other down, it’s how the West was won.

IMG 1983

Sweet family time

IMG 1955

IMG 1883

Squishy babies

IMG 1882

Sweet family time

IMG 1879

Yard games 
IMG 1833

Boat time hang out


Hoping to get wind in the sails soon! 



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