Thursday, July 16, 2015


We’ve had weeks of connection and it has been sweet to have a summer in the Midwest with our families. July Fourth is very well-celebrated in Jon’s family and this year, we joined our loud voices into the party. Perspectives have changed for us and I felt more thankful this year for what America represents for it’s citizens. Though it seems on shifting sands, there are freedoms and opportunities that make me want to lay down and grasp two fistfuls of carpet like grass, inhaling a country I can’t appreciate enough for what God has given us. 

IMG 0428

Pretending to be a frog for a slow-to-let-you-close, sweet nephew
IMG 0453
Celebrating July 4th and America with enthusiasm
IMG 0480
A message of hope
IMG 0351
Afternoon wiffle ball
IMG 6042
IMG 0510
Basking in the glow of fireworks
IMG 0403
Nothing quite like cousins. 
IMG 0544
or grandmas and aunts
IMG 0527
IMG 0348
I never knew moving out of the country would increase my patriotism.

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