Monday, September 14, 2015

Across The Border

There’s this part of my heart, tucked in between mountains, outside of a historic Mexican town.

Our family didn’t have as long as we would have liked, but soaked up our few days, reconnecting, and trying to catch up at lightening speed.

IMG 7187

Desert skies

IMG 7188

Jumping on the trampoline

IMG 3597

Friends who through change, never change in their love for God, His glory and their love and support. I’ve got some gold here.

IMG 3586

Shaving with Jon

IMG 7174

I haven’t missed the tarantulas, though fun for The Littles to see. So glad these creatures don’t live at high altitudes!

IMG 7149

Making new friends with patient lovelies.

IMG 3581

Watching afternoon softball

IMG 3576

 Trampoline picnic, sounds a bit dangerous, worked surprisingly well.

IMG 6289

After church, I spent a bit more time with some really special women that have so blessed my life in the past.

IMG 6292

The little girls I remember have turned into beautiful women!

IMG 6325

It’s so amazing to see God’s hand in their lives. There is truly so much life and hope.

Thanks to all our Mexico friends, we dearly love you all! 

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leah said...

I love this! Glad it worked out for you to visit :)