Monday, September 28, 2015


The countdown back to Ethiopia is on. 

IMG 3619

The past months have been intense and amazing. In some ways, it feels like we were in the pressure cooker, as God has taught us many lessons quickly. By God’s grace, we are returning in a healthier spot then when we arrived back on US soil.

Goodbyes have started. I really, really hate this part. If I could fast forward it, I would, but I can’t and saying good goodbyes is vital to our healthy exiting and entering process. I’ve asked people who have lived overseas if the goodbyes get easier and I’ve heard a resounding “Yes” and then a similar response along the lines of, “BUT, it will still always feel like you are getting punched in the stomach”.  

Two years worth of appointments have been checked off our lists (just have to get those cavities filled. Yuck). Purchasing was a process and continues to be, this time, I have so much stuff that is in the fun category to bring back, birthday decorations, Christmas garland, rugs, curtains, chocolate chips, goldfish, etc.

Now, onto puzzling together 8 totes, each at 50 pounds. :)


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Heather Hoerr said...

so thankful that we get to see each other again before you leave... we can do a quick good-bye. :)