Monday, October 19, 2015

The Trip

Travel went well. Thanks so much to those who prayed!

IMG 6837

The day before our big trip to Ethiopia, we got back from a small flight where apparently no one checked luggage but us. :)

IMG 6840

“Drinking the air” and singing songs into the air flow.

IMG 6854

Yay!  We found that abandoned moving sidewalk and the girls probably ran close to a mile going the wrong way.

IMG 6859

On the airplane for our long flight, A was in her seat with her buckle done, and headphone and mask on within 30 seconds of getting to her seat. Airplanes are the land in between for many TCKs. 

A slept about the whole flight, J said she was too “tight” and couldn’t sleep.

IMG 6862

At a great airport with playgrounds, but the girls were too tired to enjoy and we could fully lay out, that felt pretty good.

IMG 6864

All our luggage arrived and we were out, 1.5 hours after landing, which was amazing. We slept a few hours at a guest house and then dragged ourselves out of bed to meet friends and go to church. We are trying to beat jet lag by laughing in it’s face and jumping right onto Ethiopian time. So far, it’s working okay, not without dips. Last night, the girls slept for six hours and then were WIDE awake. Jon and I were annoyed for awhile but then we couldn’t sleep either and we watched “Beethoven” at midnight. 

Over the next few days, we will stock up on supplies, have a few meetings, set up our phones and hopefully drive back to Injibara on Thursday (I hope this isn’t wishful thinking). Overall, we are excited but also a bit nervous, wondering where we fit.  Our next few months we have a lot of obligations in Addis, so we will be back and forth between Addis and the highlands.  it will be into February before we are really able to “settle” in Injibara for more than a few weeks at a time. Day by day. 

Love to All!



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Vanessa said...

Prayers for you all. Thanks for the update!