Sunday, October 11, 2015


When A started complaining that her tooth seemed funny, we had her brush but she returned, so I examined it closely and was shocked to see it’s loose. The dentist said they had a few more years and I was worried she had bumped it on something.

IMG 6404

Out of curiosity, I felt the same tooth in J’s mouth and the exact tooth was loose. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since they had the same first tooth pop through during the same night. 

In other twin sightings,

IMG 6507

On our last Sunday in our home church, instead of twinning, the girls were “tripletting”.



Kristen Hoerr said...

That's so crazy! God is pretty amazing to create these girls so different and the same all at once!

Anonymous said...

So Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing... so neat!!! LOve you guys dearly!!!
Heidi C.