Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Team in Transition

While I was away, the family played. :) They attended our North Team Meetings and I missed each other but Jon and the girls had a great time in my absence (they claimed to miss me too).  

I can’t write much more today because we are catching a flight back to the North in a few minutes and because we are a team in transition and the pictures put a giant lump in my throat.  These have become our tribe here and most of those in the pictures are moving on.  I feel a little raw about it all right now. 

IMG 3047

Team building skills

IMG 3126

Bobbing for candy in flour

IMG 3159

Hanging out on Mark and Debbie’s porch

IMG 3260

Teammates who plan amazing games.

IMG 3385

We were blessed by an American couple who came and served the kids during adult sessions. They did much more than that too, Thanks Steve and Jan!

IMG 3394

IMG 3410

Probably the last birthday we will celebrate with a Kruse in a long while. 

IMG 3444

When Jon told me over the phone they were going to an Ethiopian go cart place my first response was to panic!  “Um…yeah, I can’t imagine what could possibly go wrong with this idea”. Jon responded, “Ok, got to go!  We are ready to start, I’ll send you lots of video!”

IMG 3303

Praying over teammates who are moving on.

IMG 8755

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