Thursday, May 26, 2016

Home Again, Home Again...

Home again.  We made it on Friday, which is never something I never take for granted on these roads. Our life overseas is full of “hello, goodbye” and transitions but our Blueberry house in the highlands feels like home. On Saturday morning, we fell back into our rhythms here and enjoyed the sunshine for English class in the pasture. It’s been raining daily, everything is green again, but so far, we still get sunshine parts of everyday.  

On Tuesday, we visited friends who were celebrating their baby girls’ christening. Since it had been a few weeks since hut injera and sheep stew, the girls were feeling like they were due anyways.  I think it would be in their top five of favorite foods.  I always prep them not to take loads because there are normally many mouths to feed. 

Our month is full of hosting, loads of it and while it is extra work, we also love it.  This weekend though we have a last hurrah with a family who has become like our family. The Kruses return to Canada and we have one last weekend of giggling girls packed into the top bunk and coffee getting cold as we are too busy talking to drink (okay, maybe mostly Ang and I on that one). 

It’s currently cloudy after a hard rain and Jon is boiling coffee for an afternoon coffee time. It is clearly a delineated women’s job, he just does it better than me and I am okay to not be cultural on this one.

A few shots of the party.

IMG 1631

Sweet family, this is the third child.  To the side is an honorary mother who commits to be a presence in the child’s life, particularly if something happens to her mother.

IMG 1643

And there is nothing quite as cute as squishy, baby cheeks with drooly little lips. 

IMG 1650

Parties of any sort are a big expense here as the hosting family provides alcohol, injera, meat (if not during fasting season), coffee and chickpea stew to all who come (in the hundreds).

IMG 1676

Overflow waiting for more injera.

IMG 1696




Shari Fiechter said...

We will be prayerful for you this weekend with that amazing Kruze family. It will be a bittersweet time for sure, but I hope the "sweet" outweighs the "bitter." I have a feeling you will be forever friends, even if you live on different sides of the world! Praying for all!

Anonymous said...

Continue covering you all in prayer and hold your family close in our hearts... we love you! Thankful for blog ... love the pictires... keep it up! Hugs... Heidi c.