Thursday, May 5, 2016

Inside the Hut

Just an FYI, I knew you wouldn’t really be able to build a hut after yesterday’s tutorial. :)  It is an art form and hard to believe how fast it is disappearing, most in the cities or towns couldn’t build one.

IMG 1042

Here’s an inside shot of the completed roof


IMG 1006

Also inside, it’s so great!  We had a spot to go out of the rain!

We are waiting for mud benches around the edges, for now, I laid down a tarp.

IMG 1035

So much fun!

IMG 0983

As promised, it’s been Easter which means the party starts on Friday night. For us, we started celebrating with neighbors since last Thursday.

IMG 0989

We had two sets of visitors from Addis, hence the three vehicles in the background. The girls didn’t want to join in the dancing and singing but loved handing out treats. 

IMG 0991

Cheering on our brightly lit porch. 

We’ve eaten only breakfasts in our house since Sunday morning.  More to come on wedding season!

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