Wednesday, February 1, 2017



To the dear, dear readers, still journeying along with us, even when this has been silent, thank you!

Thank you so much for your prayers on behalf of Jon’s trip. He, his dad, Wally, and a friend, Jim, had an incredible time in Ethiopia and it was all a bit surreal to only hear tiny pieces from this side of the world. The girls and I were so hungry for minute-by-minute news, something quite difficult when there was no internet. We were (a little) understanding about this. :) We all missed Jon. 

Pictures Jon took, in order of events I think. 

IMG 6951

Our dog!  She was doing well, in need of a haircut. 

IMG 6966

Jim used his lifetime expertise with sawmills to begin work on the Woodmizer sawmill as it has been out of commission since before we left!  There were more missing pieces than originally anticipated, but God provided and after much work, the machine was working before they left.

IMG 6969

Dad and Jim were able to immediately experience Awi hospitality.

IMG 6970

And then there is the weird feeling of toddlers who have transitioned into little boys while we have been away.

IMG 6982

When they got to our house, all was well…but there was a broken water pump and a pipe that had frozen and burst…which meant no water except what they hauled in buckets. Doing dishes with this predicament is not my favorite activity but from reports, all were good sports!

IMG 6985

Dad G taught a soil class. In Awi culture, important invitations aren’t extended much ahead of time, so the day before, no one had been invited but still 40 farmers were in attendance by the class time!

IMG 7018

A celebration parade of Timket, Jon took this from a hotel in town, trying to get wifi. :)

IMG 7022

a familiar scene, washing the green coffee beans.

IMG 7039

J and A had made some hot pads for friends. Which is funny because Imabet had no idea what to do with this, even after Jon described it. Women here have tough hands and even reach into hot fires to move coals around. :)

IMG 7041

Oh, faces we love. 

IMG 7052

To  market, to market. As we weren’t there, Jon filled the van with people and living things.

IMG 7061

Dad assessed oat trials (started by a summer intern, Andi) on Mark and Debbie’s land.

IMG 7084

Sweet little Yenewerk, looking so old with a picture of J, A and her together.

IMG 7086

When the girls heard Daddy was out eating in huts, J very seriously said to herself, “It’s okay, rejoice with those who rejoice.” As she could hardly stand to know all the food and experiences she was missing.

IMG 7107

On the way back to Addis, time with Yeshi. Can you see this kid?! When we left he couldn’t even crawl and now he is toddling!

IMG 7124

Aah!  He and Tiger are going to be quite the team. 

IMG 7153

So thankful for teammates

IMG 7168

Mark and Debbie saw Jon off at the airport. We are so thankful for them and miss them much!  Debbie took care of food prep for the whole time the men were in Injibara!

IMG 7183

Friends in Addis sent the girls and I three different Ethiopian stews with injera. J declared, “Best meal I have ever eaten!”

IMG 7188

Now, we are so glad to have daddy back and we continue to process. 

IMG 0648

And this little Tiger, oh how he missed his daddy!

Each prayer for our future, wisdom and clarity are much appreciated. Also, we are due with this next baby in three weeks! Aah!



T and M said...

So glad you are all back together again. I bet it made you quite homesick for injibara, see new pictures and hearing all the news, but I am thankful for the sawmill results and a safe trip for all

leah said...

oh i love little J's comment about "rejoicing with those who rejoice"! ha!

thankful you're back together and will be praying for your future! :)

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful post! love it all! even I reconize familiar faces in pictures! had prayed for them and wondered how it went! thanks for this amazing post! love you and praying for you! only 3 weeks? wow! can't wait to meet little one! love you...heidi

sandra said...

Glad him is home now. Hard to. Elieve you only have 3 weeks left. Praying delivery goes well. I was secretly hoping there would bE a picture of you prego:). I can only imagine how tiny you are!! Anxious to hear about the birth of you child soon.

sandra said...

Wow should have reread that:)...."glad Jon is home now. Hard to believe" is what that should have said😊

smw said...

I love everything about this post. So many sweet things. Can't help feeling a little heartsick for you with the constant pull of another home. Love you!

smw said...

Heartsick is too strong-heartache. :)

sarah.flyingkites said...

Cannot imagine the emotions these pictures had to stir in you, Amy! Glad Jon got to visit -- sad for you to miss out.

Justin Ooms said...

Oh my goodness! Little J's comment! I love those sweet faces and hearts!