Wednesday, February 22, 2017

She's Holding Strong

Today’s my due date and while the girls play and Tiger naps, I have come to terms with the fact that the next baby is quite happy inside there and nothing I can read on pinterest about natural labor induction methods can really change her mind. I guess I am also a bit lackluster in the more extreme ideas and I am pretty sure sitting on the couch eating anything with oozy frosting wasn’t on the list, which is all I really feel like doing. It’s probably okay, Jon and I talked late into the night last night, laughing about name combinations and we still haven’t settled on her name. 

IMG 7525

We are soaking up the time we have. On Saturday, Jon thought of teaching the girls to ice skate, a perfectly reasonable idea when it is 60 degrees outside.

IMG 7510

Tiger and I just sidelined it as infants and very pregnant women aren’t supposed to ice skate. We walked around the rink, because, you know, this was back when I was more hopeful about bringing on labor. :)

IMG 7524

The girls said it was a dream come true. The near empty rink and gorgeous sunshine didn’t hurt anything. 

IMG 7491

And I am enjoying each moment with this Tiger, who couldn’t be happier about the great outdoors!

IMG 7399

Melt my heart, he loves to sleep like this, his hand grabbing me.

IMG 7393

One of my biggest sad emotions the past few weeks is feeling sad that Tiger will be displaced as baby when he is still a baby, so we do all the snuggling we can.

IMG 7551

And of course, there has had to be some of this as we unload sister’s clothes. :)

Thanks for reading along and praying us through!



Vanessa said...

So excited to hear the news, we'll be prayerful!

jenna said...

seriously tiger is one of the cutest babies i've ever seen!! His skin looks soooo soft!

Kristen Hoerr said...

You have the cutest kiddos! And maybe it's my mommy heart/ hormones right now, but I teared up a little about Tiger being displaced! But, I know you have plenty of love to go around! :)

Unknown said...

Thinking of you at least several times per day!!!!
Love, Kristi, Matt, Charlotte, Mercy, and Henry!!!

Justin Ooms said...

Love, love, love!!!!!! Give all of those precious kiddos a squeeze from their auntie! And we are anxiously awaiting news of the arrival of number four!!

Amy Klotzle said...

I so relate to feelings of still very much a baby being displaced by a new baby. Praying for the transition for all of you. Thankful for little boys who have stories that include becoming big brothers at impossible ages.

Jill said...

Praying for you, Amy!

Shari said...

Anticipation! Turns out I'm not much better on waiting on an overdue granddaughter than I was with waiting on my own daughter! One would think that maybe I would have matured a little in this area. LOL!