Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The "Adventure" Dock

On Saturday, while out of the city on Lake Ziway, we decided to go scouting for hippos. We had baby life jackets, snacks and the diaper bag and set out first thing. The skies were gloomy and I questioned my intelligence as to taking 4 kids out. We were reassured the boat had a cover and we would be fine.

IMG 4528

Before getting to the boat, we walked down a long jetty, eroded away by the rain.

IMG 4535

And then this dock.

At this point, I was ready to turn back, but we had made it this far, and our guide, after seeing me giving the dock a wary eye, helpfully said in English, “This part is a bit of an adventure”. We laughed, the girls seemed comfortable, the babies happy in the outdoors and pressed on.

IMG 4560

Out on the open seas. Well, just a lake, but a big one.

IMG 4574

And then we came across a pod of hippos. And our boat driver stopped the motor. This is after he had a very difficult time starting it close to shore. My tone escalated a bit and A calmly said, “Well, if Miss T gets eaten by a hippo, it will still have been a fun adventure but we will grieve”. 

IMG 4581

The motor started the and hippos were nonchalant about our presence. They are intriguing creatures. 

IMG 4539

A view of the dock on the way back. An adventure for sure. J’s leg slipped through and so she and A were scooped up by two men and carried the rest of the way. 

Prayer Points:

-Eliza, an STA (short term associate) who is joining our project and our family for the next 3 months arrived safely from Australia today. This is her first time abroad and we are so thankful for her courage to come! Pray for her orientation and acclimation (to this culture and our zoo-ey family). 

-Language study

-Safety, productivity and relationships among our neighbors for Jon, Michael and Jason, who will travel to Injibara on Friday to work on the house. 

-Tiger’s eye got a little scratch today and it is really bothering him. 



smw said...

Oh, Amy. That comment from A is too much!! Such forthright processing of potential horrors!!! Makes me both smile and ache a little. Dear girl.

J and M said...

Wowza.. that dock though.. my boys would love seeing hippos.. I'm glad your safe enough to blog about it now:) love you..

Kristi said...

I hadn't stopped laughing about the "bit of an adventure" comment ... and then A, oh sweet dear! I am laughing only because I know you all made it safely and the hippos didn't eat anyone! A bit of an adventure indeed!

T and M said...

Oh my! Thank you for sharing about your days
Thankful for the people you have around you as well and your perspective on adventures

Justin Ooms said...

“Well, if Miss T gets eaten by a hippo, it will still have been a fun adventure but we will grieve”. Oh my word, I cannot stop giggling. Oh sweet little A! It goes to show that she is listening, as you have been working hard as a family at grieving well. I love you all! We think of you and pray for all of you often. Praying especially that the scratch to Tiger's eye is nothing serious.
Love, Aunt Sarah