Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Just Stand

 From the “Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers”, this quote resonates as it seems to be written directly to me. 

“Realize that the terrain changes quickly in ministry. One week, it feels like the world is falling in on you; it feels like things couldn’t get worse. Don’t react, attack or retreat. Just stand! Stand in faith. These moments of difficulty will pass in due time. It is important that you see that God is able to sustain you in the midst of trials. The next week everything seems to be going well. Be thankful, but realize that there will be challenging days ahead. Don’t give yourself to opinions, emotions, or circumstances. Move in the Spirit. Stay on the trail. Keep running the race.”

From my deepest core, thank you for your prayers and encouragements regarding the last post. I knew in writing, I was at risk of saying too much. Usually when I recognize myself in a desperate state, I stay far away from the computer keyboard to avoid the risk of exposing my soul in an extremely vulnerable state. However, prayers are vital and you all know I am not some superhuman. Another thought from our Spiritual Life Conference, quoting Daniel Hahn, “Inadequacy turns out to be our greatest gift because dependency is our greatest achievement”. 

Your prayers and our return home have been a balm to my soul. We have been able to stay here and we are so thankful to see our neighbors again! Jon has found internet if he drives to Tafera’s house…a bit like dial-up speed but its there. I’ll have to limit the pictures but I at least wanted to post and say, “I’m ok, thanks for caring so much.” :)

IMG 6615

Here is some of our frost! I know this doesn’t compare to your snow. :)

A few pictures of our time with the Schrocks (hopefully more to come). We are so thankful for their visit. Graham and Hudson take amazing photographs that I haven’t even finished weeding through yet but photo credit to them!

IMG 2660

Besides this one, credit to Jon. 

DSC 8243

 Their view out of their “loft” window. (It’s actually an attic but Eliza and Whitney have made it cozy).

DSC 8151

DSC 7835

DSC 8227

By God’s grace, we are still standing. Thanks for your prayers.  


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the update.

Prayers your way.


Shari Fiechter said...

Thanks for the update! God is so faithful! We love you all so very much and can't hardly wait to see you!!!

J and M said...

Thankful for this post. Praying for you as you "stand" much love from over here

Margo said...

Thanks for the update! We'll keep praying for you. Enjoy the stars in Injabara. That picture is amazing!!

Jen Kelly said...

I love Jon's "ear handles" specially designed for tiger!
Thanks for sharing, i am so thankful you are home again. Being on the journey with you (in prayer) has given me much more understanding of just some of the reality of life and ministry in another country. May you continue to feel God's sure hand in your lives each day.

Los Kups said...

Hi Amy...my name is Kathy and I briefly met you at CVE when you came to visit a couple of years ago. My husband and I are house parents to 5 teenagers. I don't ever comment but I have found so much encouragement following your journey through this blog. Thank you for your words today, thank you for your heart and your vulnerability. The quote was exactly what I needed today...don't react, attack, or retreat. Just stand...stand in faith.
May God continue to give you and Jon abundant grace as you serve where He has placed you.
Only because of Jesus,
Kathy Kupferschmid

Teresa said...

The pic of Tiger using Jon's ear as a handle is cute.