Monday, July 30, 2018


As I flew around the house yesterday, throwing final items into suitcases and totes, there were several knocks at the door.

Sowunit died. A man with 7 kids. He had an excruciating tumor, about the size of 1/3 a volleyball protruding from his face when we met him, flat on his back, unable to eat or see from one eye because of the grotesque tumor. He came down to Addis, had multiple surgeries and spent months recovering before returning to his family. He had lost an eye but could eat again and then…he died. The family isn’t sure what happened. 

And then another neighbor came, one of our closest. He asked if we could give him a ride to get some folk rabies treatment. His dog had been bit by a stray dog. They had their dog tied for observation but then their dog bit his wife and daughter. Folk medicine is hard on the body and from what we have observed, ineffective. I told Jon if either of these dear women die of rabies, I think it will be my undoing. Last night as I lay in bed, I contemplated the life we live, full of paradox, beauty mixed with gritty pain. I sometimes wonder if it might leave me so broken there will be no fixing me.

I know God is Healer and I pray Him over these situations. Thank you for praying along our family and our neighbors.

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Tiger looking at books.

IMG 7735

Our house during rainy season. I love the bright flowers and the rusty water tank in the background, giving us water even when there is no power.

IMG 7737

A bag of potatoes, given by a friend. We are so humbled when our neighbors give from their hearts.

IMG 7608

We don’t need baby swings! Yikes. the first time I saw this I was nervous but Jon has taught both of the littles how to hold on tight. 

IMG 7949

Little Miss T, she thinks her sisters are the best thing to ever happen to her.

IMG 7796

Ultimate Frisbee in the pasture

Love to All! I am enjoying spotty wifi in Addis before we fly out for an overnight flight. I am on Instagram for the next month! Find me, username: jonyamy


J and M said...

Praying for your neighbors. And for your travels. Love, Maria

smw said...

I don’t feel like I have any good words for the pain and heartache that is so ever present. I’m so sorry, for you and all those living it. Praying for all. On an unrelated note-so glad you’ll be on insta for a month!

Margo said...

Oh Amy. I will continue to pray for you. The constant tension of poverty, sickness, and the hardships you see people face. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of these hard things! Love you all! Margo