Monday, July 16, 2018

The Gloom, The Green, The Visitors, The Baby and The Power Pole

My days smear together, I retain a foggy idea of the approximate date, give or take a few, but I consistently remember the day of the week because if I miss a Taco Tuesday, Friday Night Movie Night or putting on the Sabbath tablecloth for Sundays, our tradition-loving kiddos are scandalized. 

The rains have transformed brown to green but also the dry land into water. Visiting a friend this week, there is no avoiding the sloshing through deep waters, careful to avoid spots where my dry socks will be soaked by the water pouring over the top of my trusty rain boots. I am basically the queen of fashion in this season, when I traipse around, skirt tied up to show my leggings and high boots, my face hidden under a thick hood.

IMG 7837

Ugh. If this was all it brought, it would be hard to stay encouraged…

IMG 7829

But the green mountains make up for the gloom. 

IMG 7796

When the sun comes out, so do we! A game of Ultimate frisbee on our sunny Sunday morning at a high spot in the pasture. 

IMG 7385

We spent 2.5 days with visitors, friends from Michigan blessed us by coming and staying with us. Jon used Brian’s expertise and had him teach two days, one training in Addis Ababa, another in Injibara.

IMG 7225

IMG 7377

We are so thankful for new friendships! (And in a much smaller category, these Mexican style Moo-moos that just keep giving. The girls got them for a gift at 4-years old and they hold their color and continue to be a favorite. So, FYI, if you are ever in Mexico and considering a purchase, this is the one to make! Besides, it brings joy to see our Ethiopian-Americans running around the countryside in traditional Mexican dress).

IMG 7814

We take the sweet with the hard and praise God.

Thanks for your prayers for Huluhagarish and her baby. The memories of the Addis Ababa journey and hospital were apparently too fresh, too difficult. She chose to not go last week. She knows her baby will die without a surgery, of infection. She said we can talk about it this week again. When she is home, she is warm. She is able to hold her little one. We gently repeat what the doctor has said. She’s smart, she knows her baby will die without the operations. She also knows the cost, physically, emotionally, and she can’t face it. We pray and step back, reminding her of her and her baby’s value in the eyes of God. Please pray God is glorified. 

We have another situation for prayer. The power line directly in our backyard, behind our house leans at a frightening angle. The live power lines are the only thing keeping it from crashing onto our house (and to any person or animal in our backyard). We have approached our power company many times with offers of hauling workers, paying replacement pole costs and labor but it doesn’t seem to be serious enough to motivate anyone out to fix it. Jon drove to Bahir Dar. It is the city about 2 hours north to appeal to a higher power. Will you please pray with us that the right person is motivated to fix it immediately and for protection for our family, friends and house. I don’t let my mind wander down the path of “What-ifs” when this line snaps but it has a very tragic possibility. 


Teresa said...

We recognize your guests. :) My heart aches for this little family. Will pray. Love you! T and T

J and M said...

Continuing in prayer. Tomorrow is our day. We love you!

Cherise said...

We absolutely loved getting to be with your family and seeing how God is at work through you! Our love and prayers are with your family and all the lives you touch!

emilykate said...

praying for the power line situation!