Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Bunny Airplane Birthday

Thank you for your prayers for Alimitu. She is weakening and has gone weekly for the last two weeks to the clinic in town for IV fluids. She is deteriorating and we would ask you continue to storm heaven's gates for her healing to bring much glory to God.

Two years.

It was the first bunny/airplane birthday party I've ever attended or had the honor of hosting. 

Words can't capture any child but especially Miss T, lover of life, tough as nails, bringer of joy.

Our next months are a flurry. We leave Ethiopia in June for a conference on the way to the states and then we will spend 4 months in the USA. It's exciting to plan but involves details on every level. We hope to see you and be able to thank you, update you and bless you for your unending stream of support, prayers and encouragement. 


Janel said...

Amy, you are the best at celebrating! It looks like T had such a great party! And, I can't wait for July :) Praying for every detail to fall into place, and for the stress to be at a minimum!

Margo said...

Cute pictures! I'm wondering how the bunny/airplane theme came about :) Take care! Love, Margo And Happy Birthday very late! :)

Teresa said...

Adorable pictures. It will be so fun to see your littles in person this summer. It appears that you most likely have very little quietness and if you do have quietness, you probably go check it out. :)

Love you! Teresa