Monday, August 1, 2011


Ya’ll must be praying for our adjustment, because The Littles did AWESOME today!

Because I am not keeping a baby book, here are some of their latest antics (with pictures from Sunday morning).

8-1 113

I walked in on two quiet toddlers (definitely a sign something is wrong) and they had dumped out a bag of goldfish and had gleefully shoved their mouths full and were doing “happy feet” with delight on top of the remaining crackers.

Little A has started to say “huddle” which is a cross between hold it and cuddle. “Huddle” can be used for anything from Mama, a stuffed animal or a banana.  She also says, “hold you” when she wants picked up.

8-1 135

Today, we had our first lie. I had a 99% feeling who did the no-no, but couldn’t pin it until truth came out.  Jon explained what truth was and what a lie was to The Littles and how it isn’t honoring Daddy, Mommy or Jesus.  After knowing this, I said, “Raise your hand if you did the no-no”. Little J’s hand shot up and we praised her for telling us the truth. She proceeded by giving alternating hugs to Jon and I, four each.  It must have felt good to get that off her chest. :)

The Littles sense of humor is emerging, they love to get us laughing, especially Little A and she tries to pull “tricks” on us.

8-1 116

The Littles favorite food is currently ketchup or “dip” as they call it.  (Dip is a very handy word, it works for everything from swimming, bathtime, bumps in the road to salsa). They wouldn’t eat their avocado, solution: let them dip it in ketchup.  


Peggy said...

PRECIOUS PRECIOUS PRECIOUS! I just LOVE your little girls! Thanks for sharing these cute little moments.

mamamargie said...

Nice work in nipping the lying. Even Littles have a conscience and feel the pain of doing something wrong. Love the photos and the stories. :)

Anonymous said...

They look fancy little cupcakes!! I esp love the stories where they are onery!! Too cute!

ashley baner

teresa said...

one of our granddaughters also used to say "hold you" when she wanted to be held. such a precious memory. =)

God cares about truth, He is Truth. how wonderful that at a young age you are training your children to honor you and God.

T and M said...

good for you for taking sunday morning pictures! that's always my goal, and so far it hasn't quite happened ( :