Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Those Could Be My Children

My heart has been heavy as news continues of the drought in the horn of Africa (affecting parts of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia).

I found an article in Time talking about this crisis and refugee camps.  There are 70,000 people camped outside of this refugee camp and though things are barely at a survival rate in the refugee camp, the people there are the “lucky ones”. Today, my friend, Tricia, posted this article and video from CNN on the largest refugee camp:

Did you watch it? 

Mothers are literally walking for days, some walking for weeks across the desert with their children.  It mentions a mother who would walk with one child, set him down, go back for her other child and repeat this process, day after day across the desert. 

I watched it in tears as I realized, those kids, they could be mine.  That mother, watching her baby waste away, that could be me.

(Photo taken by United Nations)

But it’s not me. 

Look, here I am, with my babies.

8-3 562

So, do I just breathe a deep sigh of relief, thank God for His provision for my family, whisper a prayer for rain and move on with my day?  To be honest, sometimes, yes, that is what I do.  Not this time, God has not been letting me off the hook.    Let us unite in fervent prayer and match our prayers with our giving.

Two reputable organizations taking donations for relief:


Mouseymom said...

We think so much alike. I think of the mom's willing to do anything for their children, in spite of their own suffering. I try to imagine what it would be like if it were my two sweethearts and it makes my stomach sick. Thanks for posting this.

2Dimples4Me said...

Heart breaking! Thanks for posting!

Ashley said...

I agree.....SO HARD to watch and realize that it's a reality for these children and families......indeed we are blessed to have our children spared of this despair, but what heartache for others....

Heidi said...

wow I was thinking the same thing today as I was watching Jonas playing in the sink with the water wanting to wash his hands for the 100th time .. We are blessed and they are too! I just can't stop thinking about it, just praying. By the way thank you soooo much for Kate's new dress that was just too sweet of you to think of us!! I love it.. you made my day. miss you