Monday, January 21, 2013

Mountains In View

Whew! I am blogging from Colorado.  Today’s six hour on the road felt as long as yesterday’s thirteen! 

We pushed off nap time so The Littles could nap in a bed. We have been stressing that MTI in Colorado is going to be our home for awhile. 

(Pictures are not great, camera is not in the right mode, but I hope they are better than nothing!)

We pull in and The Littles danced in the parking lot, literally.

MTI 012 MTI 011 

and then started climbing a “mountain” which was actually the landscape.

MTI 009

Fast forward this scene about 5 minutes, we walk in the main doors, dragging luggage and bags falling off our shoulders. The Littles, so thankful to be “home”, walked in two steps and sat down right in the middle of entryway, dropped their teddies and took off the boots and their vests. I tried to coax them to pick up their toys, boots and vests as we were drawing a crowd.

They came in when they were offered cookies. Jon didn’t hear the offer of cookies and desperately swooped in and picked up Little A, who proceeded to scream down the hallway and so we dragged, dropped and heaved our way to our room. So thankful to shot the door and we all went down for a nap!

We are room remodelers as The Littles don’t sleep great when they see us.

MTI 013

Here’s the room pre- rearrangment.  (Don’t judge the unpacked suitcases).  The Littles at the foot of our bed, in a twin and a hide-a-bed.

 MTI 018

After. Much better.  We can also have a lamp lit without disturbing The Littles.

We have our own bathroom but eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with everyone. I am glad I don’t have to worry about meals.

Another huge blessing…

MTI 015

Meet The Littles child care class.  There is only 3 of them in the class and the third is Obie Steffen.  :)  We are so thankful to be here with Brett and Liv!


In wonderful other news, we had a new niece join the world today!  Olive, we love you already. Jake and Meika, congratulations, wish we weren’t so far away.



Rachel said...

Great update, amy! We will be praying!

Christen Leigh said...

Yay! So glad you have safely arrived! And how random it is just the girls and Obie in 1 class! Cool! :)

Love and prayers! :)

--Chad & Chris

The Gardner's said...

Praying for you guys. Love all the updates ;o)