Friday, January 25, 2013

My Pair-of-Ducks

Our first week has been full and transformational. Overall, we are adjusting well to life at MTI, but there is a nasty bug going around. I have spent the day in bed with the flu.  You can imagine a downfall of living in community is that sickness gets quickly transmitted!  Please pray for health for our family and other participants! There seems to be two different strains of flu and influenza passing through.

We’ve covered so much material in one week, I am not sure how we’ll be feeling at the end of week 5!

There is no wi-fi in our rooms, so I have been surprisingly disconnected. I wasn’t expecting that but it has been fine.

First morning of class within the first five minutes, most of the women and some of the men were tearing up. They dive into the deep end here. One of the first object lessons we were taught was about two ducks or our “pair of ducks” which is our paradox in which we are living. The ducks swim together and are named, “Yay” and “Yuck”. Our seemingly contradictory emotions we are feeling at any one time.

MTI 052

Hiking with The Littles, Little A was finding treasures and handing it to Little J to haul it all.


MTI 067

This is what Mama’s sleeve looks like when she forgets to pack kleenex on the hike!

MTI 384

MTI 341

MTI 377

Thanks for your prayers!

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Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to hear more about this pair of ducks thing. The "yay" and the "yuk" at the same time feeling. I hope that the girls and Jon (and all your comrades) stay healthy!

We love you,
Mom & Dad