Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Make ‘Em Yourself Magnets

Roadtripping with kids demands creativity. Magnets on a road trip are gold around here.  This led to making some of our magnets and we use them with a magnetic dry erase board ($6). A cookie sheet would work too.

While magnetic dolls are fun…

kites 117

The game goes longer when the magnets are people we know. I am working on a complete family set but need to track down a lot of people. :)

Me doing a creative project and then showcasing it is laughable, but this one is too helpful to not pass along.

Here’s the process…

1) Convince a member of your family to stand in a dress up doll way.


Actually, this is even better if they stand with a wide stance and arms out a bit and their body fills the frame.


Print adults out at 5X7 and kids at 4X6

Purchase a roll of adhesive magnet at your nearest craft store.

This is what it looks like from Hobby Lobby


Cut a piece the size of your picture (Belle is a cut out from a book)

 Snow 296

Snow 297

Peel off the back and cut around the person.

And then the fun begins. See below…

kites 112

The Littles go on a trip with their uncles (selected for this purpose because they are my three little brothers).

Added bonus if you have dress up magnetic clothes. You can make them yourself out of magazines or buy cute sets at Cracker Barrel.

You never know what you will find on the fridge. Again, see below…

kites 115

It looks like the uncles dressed up and took The Littles to the pet store and Josiah tagged along!

(I may have dressed the men in this picture. The Littles wouldn’t dream of ruining a potential prince by placing them in a dress)

These are so fun. The Littles spend lots of time with their magnets. I am glad they will pack to go to Ethiopia, hopefully a fun way to continually interact with family and friends.

And just because I am on a magnetic roll, here is an idea for your extra magnets (From my Aunt Pat), you will never pitch those free business magnets again.

We won’t have room for a lot of frames in our luggage to Ethiopia, so some of our favorite pictures I have made into magnets.

Just use any freebie magnet around (that you don’t actually need the information of the front) and snag a favorite picture.

Snow 294Snow 295 

Wa-lah! Your newly magnetic picture!


Sarah said...

lol!! This is THE CUTEST idea I've seen in a long time! Wow...

leah said...

i laughed out loud at your brothers....this is so adorable. how creative of you! thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

oh this idea and will store it away for when Ellie gets a bit bigger. Not sure my boys would think this is to cool so will save the idea. See you Friday at Huber's:).

Rachel said...

Wow! Such a good idea! You are very creative :)

smw said...

this is great. and i got a good laugh out of it, too. which i appreciated. :)

Christa said...

I LOVE this idea! Super cute!

The Ringgers said...

Wow! This is a great idea! Looks like fun for kids and adults:~)

megs @ whadusay said...

So FUN!!!

L, Ann and boys said...

Super super cute :)

T and M said...

great idea! i am still chuckling at the pic of your bros! too funny

emilykate said...

Oh goodness this is such a cute idea!

Mindy said...

LOVE this idea!!

Rachel said...

I love this idea, Amy! Can't wait to try it... :)