Friday, April 12, 2013

Princess Truly

Little A tells me how she wants hair that “touches her cheeks”. The Littles have discovered scarves to use as wigs and they drape them over their heads, proclaiming, “I have long hair”.


We babysat last night and Adilynn joined right in the long-haired fun. 

A prince and princess purge has happened around our house, out with the long-haired, light-skinned beauties whose end goal is a prince, at least for a time. Yep, even packing up our classic children’s fairy tales that came with our homeschool curriculum. Little A bemoaned to me the other day, “Mama, but my face doesn’t look like a princess! My hair does not look like a princess!”


Yes, yes it does. We are just comparing ourselves to the wrong ones. I see three little curly-headed daughters of the King, created in His image. Three princesses here.

Enter Princess Truly and The Hungry Bunny Problem. She is kind and smart. She reads books to solve problems and help people. Her hair is “magic”. 

When The Littles saw the book, Little J exclaimed, “She looks like me!”


We finished the book and Little A smiled and said coyly, “She didn’t even have a prince”.

That’s right baby, and you don’t need to worry about them for a long time. :)


Matt & Jess Braham said...

Nice work, Ames! I can't wait to watch the unfolding results of your purge. : ) Love you guys!

Mindy said...

I have that booked saved on my Amazon wish list to get Alaysia for her birthday - I LOVE it!!!

teresa said...

yes, they are beautiful princesses, daughters of the King. love the new book - what special steps you've taken.

smw said...

what a perfect find.