Monday, October 13, 2014

Volunteer Landscape Crew

Jon has been spending a lot of time with the sawmill co-op group. Jon asked this group of 17 workers to help around our house and they cooperatively (pun intended) insisted to volunteer as Jon has been helping so much with the woodmizer. 

IMG 0459

The main work was re-doing our fence. It was letting in little unwelcome visitors, mainly foxes but a few hyenas as well. 

IMG 3867

The crew after a hard days work

IMG 0461

Using bamboo poles to make the fence

IMG 3857

I teased Jon he was back to managing a landscape crew.

IMG 0475

And we had an extra crew for lunch. Due to a miscommunication, in the morning, I was so annoyed to realize that we had double the injera that I planned for the meal. After the meal, when a few small shards of injera was all that was left, I knew it was a divine miscommunication.

IMG 0488

Many hands make light work!

IMG 0505

And notice the face on the left. I am really trying to learn how to make Ethiopian coffee. In the afternoon, Jon asked if we could serve coffee. Everyone was so gracious and thankful but I later saw this picture. ha! Glad people are kind, in spite of my lack of ability. Although, this face is nothing compared to day Jon served ice cream to him. Yeshuas took one tiny nibble and said, “That could break your teeth off!"

IMG 0512

I had to get at least one of the crew chief in action. 


Kristen Hoerr said...

I am sure that gentleman was just really savoring your coffee, Ames. :)

Kristi said...

I agree with Kristen... kinda... I want to agree with Kristen. ;)
But I'm thankful you are getting your fence! It looks like quite the crew! What a blessing for you!